SH Blog: Knicks stop Amar’e from going to Hakeem’s camp; Hawks sign DeMarre Carroll

Amare Stoudemire

Well, we’re officially into the down period of the offseason, with the last two dominoes falling this week with Brandon Jennings’ trade to Detroit and Greg Oden signing with the Heat. The upside to that is we can definitely start looking towards next season, and all the dominance that a healthy Greg Oden will wreak on the Eastern Conference (if a healthy Greg Oden exists). If you’re ready for that, be sure to check out Chris Sheridan’s first 2013-14 power


SH Blog: Smith Injury (And Contract) Nothing New For Knicks

JR Smith

In today’s NBA, in order to evolve, you have to understand your weaknesses. Avoid stretching into a place where you’re just not very strong. Focus on what you do well and fill in the blanks. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder and Denver Nuggets are a few prime examples of this theory in action. Big market or small market, they’ve each had sustained levels of success —


What will Woodson Do With Metta — and Amare, and Bargnani?


Knicks coach Mike Woodson likes to use Carmelo Anthony as his power forward. We learned that much last year. So it should be safe to assume that Metta World Peace will be the Knicks’ starter at small forward, correct? Well, it’s never that easy with Woodson, who never settled on a set rotation throughout last season — even in the Knicks’ final game of the playoffs when Amar’e Stoudemire and Jason Kidd spent the final 24 minutes watching from the bench. Woodson has


SH Blog: Joe Lacob hopes to beat up the Rockets, Nets agree to terms with Andrei Kirilenko

Joe Lacob

When it comes to the NBA, what people most care for is the product that’s on the floor: your superstars, role players and the coaches. But how well a team operates really depends on and starts with the dedication of the ones sitting at the very top. Yes, the personality of an owner can truly reflect the successes and failures of a team, and there is no better example of this than seeing the before and after of the Golden State Warriors


SH Blog: For Cleveland, Dallas and Atlanta, the Bynum Safari Continues


Andrew Bynum, with his inclusion of the Cleveland Cavaliers as a “serious” candidate to land the two-time NBA champion center, has started what’s referred to as the “Bynum Safari” on the popular Cavs forum, The term Bynum Safari stems from the legendary “Amar’e Safari” thread on RealCavsFans. The Amar’e Safari became the most popular thread in RealCavsFans history a few years back in 2009, when the Cavaliers were flirting with the opportunity to trade for Amar’e Stoudemire to pair with


SH Blog: No progress on Doc to Clippers, but it’s not over; Lakers still think they’ll keep Howard


After the Celtics-Clippers deal stalled last night, today seemed like something of a letdown. Luckily, we’ve got Game 5 of the Finals to occupy our NBA-related attention. If the Spurs lose, they go to Miami down 3-2 for games 6 and 7. Is this really the best format? Jan Hubbard doesn’t think so. Also on Sheridan Hoops, check out our new WNBA Week in Review column for all the goings-on in the world’s top women’s basketball league. Of course, you came here