SH Blog: Breakdown of what went wrong for Warriors, writer calls Melo an overrated ball hog


When Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets played their first game on Saturday in Game 1 of the opening round of the playoffs, most expected a high-scoring game between two of the better offensive teams in the league. The final score of the contest? 97-95. Not exactly what we had in mind. [Related: Why the Warriors can beat the Nuggets in 6 games] Both teams suffered from what appeared to be a case of the butterflies, and the Warriors actually did a better


Melo, Stoudemire Say Wiggins, Randle, Parker are the Game’s Future

Andrew Wiggins

NEW YORK — Eleven years after they played in the Jordan Brand Classic at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire sat courtside at Barclays Center to watch the next generation of future NBA stars on display in the 2013 Jordan Classic. The two Knicks stars were joined by a star-studded group that included teammate J.R. Smith, C.C. Sabathia, Spike Lee, Worldwide Wes and Drake, who later performed a concert. Michael Jordan himself sat up in the


Bernucca: Ouch! Many Teams Banged Up as Playoffs Draw Near

Derrick Rose

Danilo Gallinari’s season-ending injury this week put the Denver Nuggets in a club whose membership seems to get larger every day. Playoff teams missing key players. There are very few teams who will be at full strength when the playoffs start two weekends from now. But two of those teams are last year’s NBA Finals combatants, which could make for a relatively mundane postseason.


SH Blog: More on Riley vs. Ainge; Cody Zeller’s draft prospects; Tobias Harris rocks


It’s Easter weekend, and the Jesuits still haven’t stopped partying. (Pope joke). A win today by Marquette might make ‘em party through the night and tell jokes in both Latin and Greek. It’s the second-most most important weekend in college sports, the weekend in which the Final Four is decided. I’ve got Louisville, Michigan, Marquette, and Ohio State. Two of them were in my original Final Four. On the other hand, I picked three of the eight teams remaining to go


Hamilton: Signing Kenyon Martin the Latest Of Grunwald’s Great Moves


NEW YORK — Five general managers, eight coaches, 19 years, and amazingly, 225 different players. The cast of characters that have come and gone since the Knicks last won a division title in 1994 is as expansive as the shadow that Madison Square Garden casts between 31st and 33rd Streets in Midtown Manhattan. Now, here, in 2013, the team is poised to end the 19-year drought. And whether or not the Knicks do that this season, the fact that they have that


SH Blog: LeBron frustrated with non-basketball fouls, Jennings calls out coach for singling him out

LeBron James

The NBA is full of incredible athletes. Some are more athletic than others, but most of them can handle and play against each other without feeling completely overwhelmed by one another, at least in terms of physicality. Among them, however, are some freak-of-nature types that no one can really contain. Shaquille O’Neal was one of these freaks. There’s no one quite like him these days, but we do have physical specimen like Dwight Howard and LeBron James, who are pretty much unstoppable


SH Blog: LeBron tried to recruit Taj Gibson, D’Antoni explains Howard’s lack of touches

LeBron James, Team USA

Here’s a little something LeBron James may not have wanted Taj Gibson to share with the rest of the world: he tried to recruit the Chicago Bulls power forward during the summer to join forces with the Miami Heat. This was likely nothing but playful chatter between the two players in reality, given the amount of money Gibson was going to command – he was given a four-year, $38 million contract at the start of the season. That’s just too rich