Bernucca: Sorry Big O, But Today’s Game Is Much Better


I hope Oscar Robertson was watching Saturday night. I hope he saw Stephen Curry answer his ridiculous, attention-starved musings as definitively as possible. I hope he wasn’t too jaded to see Curry handle the ball in a way Robertson only wished he could. I hope his eyesight still works well enough to see from where Curry was launching – and making – his shots. And I hope Robertson and a number of NBA stars from bygone eras will just shut up and


Tweet of the Night: Andrew Bogut mocks former players’ views of the Warriors, teammates react

Bogut Green Curry

When you dominate as much as the Golden State Warriors do, it’s inevitable that doubters and haters come along for the ride. You just don’t necessarily expect it from former players and legends of the past. Of course, most former players with an ego will always believe they can beat anyone from any era. Not surprisingly, former Warriors player Stephen Jackson is one of those players. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but the discrediting comments made by the legendary Oscar Robertson about Stephen


Hubbard: Warriors Done Chasing Records, Ready to Chase Championship

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OAKLAND – During Golden State’s otherworldly 24-0 start, interim coach Luke Walton was asked how it felt to get no official credit for the victories. NBA policy is that only the permanent coach can accumulate wins and losses, so those victories went to Steve Kerr, who has yet to coach this season while recovering from back surgery. The winning streak, which set an all-time pro sports record for consecutive victories to open a season, ended Saturday with a 108-95 loss to


Sprung: The Analytics of Stephen Curry’s Improvement


After winning the MVP last season and leading his Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship, Stephen Curry has been even better over the first quarter of this 2015-2016 season. Like a lot better, to the point where his offensive wizardry and shot-making mastery has become unfair to opposing defenses that are seemingly rendered helpless by his abilities. The Warriors are now 22-0 after blowing past the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night, the best start to an American professional sports season after


Ladewski: Warriors Have What It Takes To Catch 1995-96 Bulls


For months, the Golden State Warriors heard the taunts of lucky and fluky and worse.  Now, the defending NBA champions have begun to answer their critics as if to say, ‘OK, if we win ’em all, then would that be good enough for you?” The Warriors aren’t quite 82-0 yet — they’re only 10-0 — but their start has been so drop-dead dominant, so utterly impressive that it makes you wonder if theirs can be one of those seasons for the ages. Six of the victories came against playoff


Tweet of the Night: Andrew Bogut doesn’t know what to think of Roy Hibbert calling himself the “black Bogut”


The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers faced off in another preseason game on Thursday live on TNT, but before that happened, we got to learn just how much respect Roy Hibbert has for Andrew Bogut’s game. Hibbert is expected to make an impact as a defensive stopper for the Lakers this season and when asked during an interview with Rachel Nichols about the role he’s going to have with his new team, the center quickly praised the role of Bogut on