Tweet of the Day: LeBron James

LeBron James headshot

Miami Heat All-Star leader LeBron James started his career in Sacramento. His first game as an NBA rookie for the Cleveland Cavaliers was played in ARCO Arena. (Sheridan covered it). So, as the day draws nearer that the Kings may soon make their exodus to Seattle, it seemed fitting that the Heat forward would make a nostalgic splash at the rim.

PAST/PRESENT DUNK MAN! 1st and maybe last game at Arco Arena
LeBron James
LeBron James demonstrates that after a decade in the league, he can still soar. Looking at the dunk,


Kings reach deal for new arena, will stay in Sacramento

Kings current arena

The Kings are staying in Sacramento. With a league-imposed deadline looming Thursday, city, team and league officials emerged from a meeting in Orlando, Fla. on Monday where a tentative agreement was reached. Tearful Kings owner Gavin Maloof told the Sacramento Bee, “I’m still emotional. It’s been a long time.” The Kings and the city of Sacramento – which boasts former NBA All-Star Kevin Johnson as its mayor – have been negotiating for more than a year on financing for a new arena. The