Bulls-Wizards Playoff Preview: Five Key Factors

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Joakim NoahThe Wizards made us really, really upset on the final night of the regular season by moving up from sixth place to fifth place, denying us a rematch of last year’s Bulls-Nets series that went seven games and was won by Joakim Noah in his old home borough.

Well, I guess it wasn’t the Wizards’ fault. All the Nets needed to do to lock up that matchup (and avoid the Heat in the second round) was beat Cleveland. Instead, they lost by 29.

Hmmm. When you think about it, that might have been the signature moment of this Tankapalooza season.

Tweet of the Day: NBA Reacts To Navy Yard Massacre

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Tragedy struck in Washington D.C. Monday morning where a gunman, identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, first opened fire at Building 197—the headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command—in the Washington Navy Yard.

12 victims (not including the gunman, Alexis) have been confirmed dead, several others are wounded.

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Tweet of the Night: Barack Obama wonders about the Finals


Obama greets LeBronAfter a long and eventful season of basketball filled with plenty of intrigue and drama, and one that saw a number of new stars being born before our eyes, it finally comes down to the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs – two of the very best teams in the league – to settle the score in the NBA Finals.

The Spurs, much like they did last season, are the experienced executioners, who almost never play the game the wrong way.

The Heat are in the Finals for the third consecutive season, but the road was nowhere near as easy for them as it was for the Spurs, due in part to the mysteriously ongoing-issues of Dwyane Wade’s knee, as well as the overall inconsistent play of Chris Bosh.

Also of note is the fact that LeBron James faces the team that dominated him in the Finals half a decade ago, when he simply did not have enough help from his Cavaliers teammates to win a single game. Of course, LeBron has become a much more assertive player since then (which is pretty scary given how good he was back then ,too).

The biggest advantage the Heat have over the Spurs is homecourt advantage. They have only lost twice at home in the postseason, and had the second best home record of 37-4 in the regular season. Being the best team prior to the playoffs sure has its perks when you come this far.

So whose series is this for the taking? That’s the question President Barack Obama presented us with on Tuesday night:

It's #NBAFinals time. Who do you like—Heat or Spurs? http://t.co/nr6u8is36H
Barack Obama

If you want to see a breakdown on the series, be sure to check out why Chris Sheridan is picking the Spurs in 7.

The most notable responses to Obama’s question came from David Robinson and Micky Arison, who obviously picked their respective teams to win it all:

My Spurs will get it done Mr. President #Timmy RT @: It's #NBAFinals time. Who do you like—Heat or Spurs? http://t.co/gvFMU4tm8y
David Robinson

Thursday can’t come soon enough.

Tweet of the Day: Deadspin

David West salutes the Miami Heat

SH Blog: Obama picks IU to win Title; Kentucky’s nightmare season over, loses in NIT


220px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaWith NCAA Tournament action finally underway, two important stories have surfaced today encompassing the highs and lows of this hectic college basketball season.

President Barack Obama, who has never been shy about his fascination with the NCAA tournament, released his annual bracket this morning. Obama went mostly “chalk” in the first round, staying away from a bracket filled with upsets. His two upsets of note, No. 11 seed Minnesota over No. 6 UCLA, and No. 11 Belmont over No. 6 Arizona.

The President is moving forward with a Final Four that will see a clash between the Big East and Big Ten tournament champions, the No. 1 seed Louisville Cardinals and the No. 2 seed Ohio State Buckeyes. 

NBA Players react to President Obama’s re-election

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What do you do when you have thoughts about a big event going on in the country? You get on twitter, and you type in those 140 characters.

That’s exactly what a countless number of NBA players did when President Barack Obama was re-elected as the U.S. President for another four years on Tuesday night.

Kyle Lowry sprained his ankle against the Thunder, but that didn’t stop him from sharing his excitement.

Bryon Russell’s enthusiasm got him to say some inappropriate things.

Cuttino Mobley expressed his anger towards racism.

LeBron James expressed his love for Ohio, even though Ohio may never do the same for him.

Kris Humphries thought Mitt Romney might have won because his cab driver said so.

These were among the many reactions around the league. Almost everyone celebrated the big news, but there was one player in particular who was apparently furious over the results. See who it was in the following tweets:

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