SH Blog: Kerr says Curry has been best defender on Warriors so far, Lakers may go hard after Rondo next summer

Stephen Curry

We all know that Stephen Curry is a wizard when it comes to doing things on offense. The gifted point guard, who puts fear into the opposition with his ability to pull up for a shot at any given moment – with pinpoint accuracy – can also pass with the best of them. Because his ability to handle the ball has gotten better just about every year since he entered the league, Curry is one of the most unique and challenging


Tweet of the Night: LeBron James accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, challenges Barack Obama


While the NBA has dominated the headlines over the past few summer months, as tradition has it, things have gone stale in August while players take their vacations before training camp begins in the fall. Filling the void the NBA has left has been the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has swept the nation by storm over the past few weeks, raising an enormous amount of awareness and money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also — and more commonly known — as Lou Gehrig’s


Tweet of the Night: Spelling Bee Captivates Amidst NBA News

on May 29, 2014 in National Harbor, Maryland.

While many around the league were either expressing sheer amazement for a Russell Westbrook dunk in Oklahoma City’s 117-89 loss to San Antonio. Others were expressing surprise over the obscene amount of money—$2 billion—that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has agreed to pay in order to become the new Los Angeles Clippers owner. While all of these things are both entertaining and informative, in the midst of it all was the Scripps National Spelling Bee, a yearly contest to determine the


Bulls-Wizards Playoff Preview: Five Key Factors

Joakim Noah

The Wizards made us really, really upset on the final night of the regular season by moving up from sixth place to fifth place, denying us a rematch of last year’s Bulls-Nets series that went seven games and was won by Joakim Noah in his old home borough. Well, I guess it wasn’t the Wizards’ fault. All the Nets needed to do to lock up that matchup (and avoid the Heat in the second round) was beat Cleveland. Instead, they lost


Tweet of the Day: NBA Reacts To Navy Yard Massacre


Tragedy struck in Washington D.C. Monday morning where a gunman, identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, first opened fire at Building 197—the headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command—in the Washington Navy Yard. 12 victims (not including the gunman, Alexis) have been confirmed dead, several others are wounded.


Tweet of the Night: Barack Obama wonders about the Finals

Obama greets LeBron

After a long and eventful season of basketball filled with plenty of intrigue and drama, and one that saw a number of new stars being born before our eyes, it finally comes down to the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs – two of the very best teams in the league – to settle the score in the NBA Finals. The Spurs, much like they did last season, are the experienced executioners, who almost never play the game the wrong way. The


SH Blog: Obama picks IU to win Title; Kentucky’s nightmare season over, loses in NIT

Illustration from

With NCAA Tournament action finally underway, two important stories have surfaced today encompassing the highs and lows of this hectic college basketball season. President Barack Obama, who has never been shy about his fascination with the NCAA tournament, released his annual bracket this morning. Obama went mostly “chalk” in the first round, staying away from a bracket filled with upsets. His two upsets of note, No. 11 seed Minnesota over No. 6 UCLA, and No. 11 Belmont over No. 6 Arizona. The


NBA Players react to President Obama’s re-election


What do you do when you have thoughts about a big event going on in the country? You get on twitter, and you type in those 140 characters. That’s exactly what a countless number of NBA players did when President Barack Obama was re-elected as the U.S. President for another four years on Tuesday night. Kyle Lowry sprained his ankle against the Thunder, but that didn’t stop him from sharing his excitement. Bryon Russell’s enthusiasm got him to say some inappropriate things. Cuttino Mobley