DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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draftstreet With only two game days left before the NBA playoffs begin, literally anything can happen. Over the next two days, six playoff matchups will be determined.

This is a crazy time to play fantasy basketball at DraftStreet. It’s unpredictable and a lot of fun because players will leave it all on the line to leave an impression over the summer.

Tonight there are only two NBA games on the schedule.

New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets 

JR Smith will probably take 30 shots, so I picked him. He didn’t care when his team was fighting for a playoff spot so I’m sure he’ll have no regard for anyone now.

Denver Nuggets at LA Clippers
This should be a fast paced game with a lot of up and down action. Kenneth Farried and Blake Griffin thrive in these type’s of games.

My DraftStreet team

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.57.20 AM




Amar’e Stoudemire: He has shown spurts of the Amar’e from 2011. He doesn’t have much to play for but with a lot of eyes on this game he’ll want to prove a lot of people wrong.

Paul Pierce: He’s a playoff guy. With the post season around the corner Pierce will heat up, plus he recently joined the 25,000 point club.

Kenneth Faried: He’ll be jumping around all game, who can blame him. Denver has a high volume offense which allows Farried to exceed in.

Darren Collison: I needed a guard that will play, he was cheap ($9,635). There’s no method to this pick.

Jamal Crawford: Always thought this guy could be a top-5 scorer if given the chance. Coming off the bench in LA he’s deserving of the Sixth Man of the Year Award.

J.R. Smith: Like I said, he will shoot like there’s no tomorrow. So pick him and let him heave.

Mason Plumlee: The kid’s got game. Filling in for Brook Lopez this season he’s done a good job of managing himself surrounded by so many vets.

Blake Griffin: He’s actually in the MVP running (won’t win it, but still). Having a monster year he’s proven any night he can score 30 and pull down 15 boards.

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Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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draftstreet I might be talking crazy, purely out of frustration, but Roy Hibbert is overrated. On my DraftStreet fantasy team he literally took away my points, that’s hard to do. He finished with zero points, zero rebounds, zero assists, one turnover and five missed shots. Not to mention his team got trampled by the Atlanta Hawks in the game on Sunday.

There might be an explanation to his poor play, according to Page Q sports, Hibbert had a falling off with Paul George. Note: This article is absolute BS and makes little sense but it’s too funny to ignore, here’s an excerpt:

According to 19 sources close to the Indiana Pacers, the team’s recent deterioration is largely due to an awkward sexual incident between former stars Roy Hibbert and Paul George.

“It all started with a groupie named Dixie,” one highly dependable source says. “Roy and Paul were engaging in a threesome with her after the win against Utah on March 2. But they ended up crossing swords, and then there was lots of shouting and crying. The team obviously hasn’t recovered.”

Yes, they apparently have 19 sources.

I hope you all had a good laugh, now on to fantasy basketball.

Here is my lineup for tonight.

With six NBA games on the calendar tonight, I have my daily preview.

Detroit Pistons at Atlanta Hawks
Always fun seeing a player return to their old stompin’ grounds. Josh Smith ($13,016) will need to do work against his old team if he expects his Piston’s team to win. Atlanta is still playing for that eighth seed and it’s safe to say they need this win desperately.

Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat
The Nets haven’t lost to Miami all year, you read that right. The Heat just can’t take care of business against Brooklyn and trail the season series 0-3. I suspect the Nets will win again. I put Joe Johnson ($11,089) on my fantasy team but Deron Williams ($12,882) is a good option too.

San Antonio Spurs at Minnesota Timberwolves
The Spurs catch a huge break after star PG Tony Parker was only announced to has a sprain in his back and is listed as day-to-day. This is a great opportunity for Patty Mills, ($8,706) who’s very cheap by starting PG standards.

Dallas Mavs at Utah Jazz
Dirk Nowitzki ($17,257) is only 18 points away from jumping to tenth on the all-time scoring list. You would have to think he’ll go for it tonight. I know he doesn’t have the defensive ability Tim Duncan has, but he has to be up there in the greatest big man ever discussion. In his last 10 games he’s averaged 23.1 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists on 49% shooting.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
If you like security you like Kevin Durant ($22,881). Barring injury or a comet crashing into the building, Durant will drop at least 25. Make sure you don’t pick any PG’s on the Kings, Russell Westbrook is too good for the young guys.

Houston Rockets at LA Lakers
Dwight Howard is soon to return but will not be playing in LA tonight, sadly. The one thing worse than booing a player the entire game is a blowout. With or without Howard, James Harden ($19,423) and his Rockets will have celebrities leaving the building by halftime.

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Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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draftstreet Paul Pierce killed my DraftStreet.com fantasy team last night. Just when I thought I found someone special for cheap ($11,277) he turns his play around and stabbed me in the back. But I’m a sucker for punishment and I’m using PP again tonight.

Last night at DraftStreet I fared pretty well but didn’t make any money. I was in the top 20% in a few of my pools and if Pierce would’ve showed up I probably would have won some cash.

Anyways, on to the next one.

Tonight I’ll be playing with a bonafide fantasy machine, that is when he’s not suspended or rapping on the side. Guess who yet? That’s right, DeMarcus Cousins.

Boogie, as he’s known to many, is the perfect fantasy player because he can score, rebound and block shots. I paid $21,008 for him but I think it will be worth it if he can stay in the game. Side note: Cousins only plays about 32 minutes per game, yet he averages 22 points and 12 rebounds a night, crazy.

My DraftStreet Lineup Today
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 7.34.45 AM



Fresh off giving away $150,000, DraftStreet is running satellites for yet another $100,000 contest. Look for them in the NBA lobby for a chance to win a voucher to the NBA $100K Playoffs Big Score and a $20,000 first place prize. This one starts on April 19 and finishes on April 20, the two-day format being a wrinkle common to NBA playoff leagues. If you don’t have a DraftStreet account, you can sign up using this link.

Remember to register at least 10 minutes before the roster deadlines. Wednesday’s games begin at 7:00 PM EDT.

Wednesday’s NBA games

Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers
If Indiana lost would it really surprise anyone? They have been dreadful over the last three weeks. Sadly, I think they’re beginning to realize they can’t score and lost all confidence. If you want fantasy, you don’t want the Pacers.

Brooklyn Nets at New York Knicks
The Nets are a better team with equal talent. New York is so terribly coached they risk falling from the playoffs with the second best scorer in the game.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic
The Cavs have been without Kyrie Irving on and off for some time now. Folks in Cleveland, thank Luol Deng for his services and say your farewells because the door won’t hit him on the way out.

Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards:
Jared Sullinger at $11,069 is a great fantasy option. He’s proven a lot of people wrong this year overcoming a back injury and being able to stay healthy during the latter part of the season.

Houston Rockets at Toronto Raptors
The Rockets are without Dwight Howard, look for Omer Asik ($8,262) to step up. Kyle Lowry isn’t playing, so keep him off your team.

Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks haven’t defeated the Bulls this season and that isn’t changing tonight. The Bulls have been on a tear since January and the Hawks have been slowly on the decline.

Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat
Does this game even need a preview? Miami can make Milwaukee its puppet if they want but chances are LeBron James will only play a few quarters because it’s a blowout. If you’re looking for fantasy on the Heat, look at the bench.

Memphis Grizzlies at Minnesota Timberwolves
This is one game where Kevin Love isn’t a good fantasy option. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are a tough pair to score on and surely have plans to deny Love at the rim.

Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs.
This is fun. The most well-organized team against one of the most exciting teams. Golden State stole a game in Dallas last night (literally) and have momentum, but wait, so does San Antonio, the winners of 18-straight.

New Orleans Pelicans at Denver Nuggets
Anthony Davis can score 30 all day against Denver. They will try but will fail to keep one of the league’s best young big-men off the glass. The Nuggets have fallen off this year, maybe they shouldn’t have fired George Karl.

LA Clippers at Phoenix Suns
The Clippers are having another great season with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leading the charge. Paul will play but Griffin is out. For Phoenix, Goran Dragic at $15,098 isn’t a bad purchase.

LA Lakers at Sacramento Kings
I hope Chris Kaman put Icy Hot on today. DeMarcus Cousins will be attacking him all night. An easy choice for fantasy is Cousins, as I mentioned above.

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Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

Tweet of the Night: NBA players react to Arizona/Wisconsin game

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ncaaAs March Madness continued earlier this evening for the Elite 8 round of the NCAA tournament, NBA players once again enjoyed in the festivities. In what was a highly contested game between Arizona and Wisconsin, the final moments saw it come down to a questionable call that left many NBA athletes questioning the validity of it.

As the seventh game to be decided in overtime for this tournament, this game ties the all time historic record for most overtime games in the NCAA tournament. Much like the other games that have taken place so far, this one left viewers anxiously awaiting the winner as the game carried on.

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As an action packed weekend of basketball comes to a close, here’s the good, bad and the ugly of what took place.