The Bernucca List – Edition 43


No, I didn’t answer my own question. What fun would there be in that? That would be like throwing a surprise party for yourself. The previous edition of The Bernucca List was correctly answered by a reader named Chris, who offered, “NBA players who have been named MVP without winning a championship.” [Read more…]


Bernucca: Lackluster Lakers fooling themselves and their fans


Dwight Howard dominates the paint on both ends, Kobe Bryant plays less than 30 minutes for the first time this season, Steve Nash runs the offense with precision, the defense has its best game in weeks and the Lakers run away with a 20-point win in their Sunday home whites. So, everything’s back to normal again in Tinseltown, right? Who cares that it was against the Cavaliers, who lose three of every four games they play? Or that Cleveland was missing Anderson Varejao, their best


Poll: Who should be the next coach of the Lakers?

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This may be the shortest-lived poll in the history of this site. Then again, Phil Jackson might say “no.” With the Zen Master, you never can quite tell. So without further ado, we ask you: Who do you think should be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers now that Mike Brown has been fired? Vote below, and the results will display after you have cast your ballot.


Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

On Friday, after a poor 1-4 start to the 2012-13 season, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to fire head coach Mike Brown. Many NBA players and pundits from the east coast to the west are weighing in on the end of Brown’s tenure in LA, but the opinion that matters most is that of five-time NBA Champion shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Kobe doesn’t express his opinions on Twitter, but took time to post his reaction on Facebook.  He had some nice things to