SH Blog: Ten Christmas Day Observations

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There wasn’t a 50-point showing – heck, there wasn’t even a 40-point outing! – on Christmas this year, but the NBA provided a quintuplet of matchups that helped to put things in perspective through nearly two months of the season. SheridanHoops had an eye on the tube at all times. Below is an observation regarding the 10 teams who participated in the holiday’s hoops festivities: Boston Celtics: They might be hovering around the .500 mark through the first quarter of the season, but this


Tweet of the Night: Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas

Jamal Crawford never fails to do something spectacular when the Los Angeles Clippers are on national television, and it was no different on Christmas day, when he decided to pull out the good old “shake and bake” move against an unsuspecting Andre Miller: [Read more…]