Schayes: Union’s Search For a New Executive Director, Part II

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dooverThe NBPA announced this week that the current search for the new Executive Director has been canceled, and they will have a “do over.”

After more than a year of secrecy and controversy, the selection committee led by Board President Chris Paul finally realized that the search in its current form had no realistic chance of having a happy ending. The players were in the dark, the agents were near revolt, and the process would taint either of the two finalists so severely that it would make running the organization effectively impossible.

I have been a pretty harsh opponent of the search process.

VIDEO: Danny Schayes on Union’s FUBAR Search for New Executive Director

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Danny Schayes is making his on-camera debut in this post, so make sure to tweet him at @DanSchayes and tell him how ugly he looks.

But also make sure you congratulate him on making a strong point — and exposing the shenanigans that are going on at the Players Association as they search for a new executive director to replace the deposed Billy Hunter.

As Schayes writes in his latest column, the two leading candidates for the post are going through an extended period of limbo time with their present employers — which isn’t fair to either of them, or to their current bosses. It’s one thing to be a lame duck for a couple of weeks. But several months?

Schayes: Is Union’s Executive Director Search FUBAR?

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NBPAAs the NBA Players Association’s search for a new executive director drags on, one can’t help but wonder if it will have a happy ending. Right now, that’s hard to foresee.

The search has been plagued by inefficiency from the beginning. The low level of transparency has opened the search up charges of manipulation as various factions from inside and outside the union try to exert influence over the process.

Add to all of this the horrible timing of the process and the natural difficulty of keeping a fairly large group of in-season players up to date and involved in the process while maintaining secrecy.

It is a recipe for disaster.

Schayes: Where is the Love? SAG lawyer among candidates to lead NBPA

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davidwhiteNEW ORLEANS — What happened to the “love of the game” qualification in choosing a replacement for Billy Hunter?

David White of the Screen Actors Guild is one of the candidates who was interviewed by the NBA players’ union’s search committee here at All-Star Weekend, and he is reportedly the frontrunner for the job.

Again, I must ask: Are the players being played? I can’t see where Job Qualification No. 1 is being addressed.

Schayes: Are NBA Players Getting Played Again in Search for New Union Chief?


dannyschayesI will not be the next Executive Director of the players union.

I got word of my rejection via e-mail, with no further explanation, so I decided to use my column this week to describe what is going on during the selection process, and what a shame it is.

NBA players and all athletes in general have a pretty miserable track record at many things. Outside of actually playing basketball or another sport, their skills don’t necessarily translate into being successful in other areas.

Their lack of financial success has been well documented, as well as the high divorce rate, among other player related issues. As we dig deeper into the mechanisms that exist in players’ lives, these results aren’t surprising and are actually pretty predictable.