Tweet of the Day: LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant Announce Return

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Four days short of eight months.

That is the extremely short span of time that spans the moment in which Los Angeles Lakers superstar and future Hall of Fame guard Kobe Bryant fell to the court after tearing his left achilles tendon and when fans can expect to see him suited up in his No. 24 jersey again.

Friday Kobe and the Lakers made an announcement exclusively through the Black Mamba‘s Facebook page.

Scotto: Kobe Bryant and Lakers Diagram Newest Championship Blueprint

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Kobe BryantKobe Bryant deserved every penny, if not more, of his two-year, $48.5 million contract extension.

And I’ll say this: Bryant doesn’t deserve to be criticized as selfish for the amount of money he will make, and any subsequent cap space the Lakers lose as a result.

Two of Bryant’s teammates, Chris Kaman and Xavier Henry, strongly agree.

“I personally think he deserved more,” Kaman told SheridanHoops. “I know the only exception with that comment is that it can be hard for teams to get other guys and to fit pieces in when a guy makes that much money. But other than that, I think with the television deal the Lakers got and with the long-term sponsors they’ve gotten off of the back of Kobe and some other players, I think he deserves it. I think he could have been underpaid for what the owners are making compared to what he’s making.”

“He’s earned everything he’s got,” Henry told Sheridan Hoops. “He literally has earned every single thing he’s gotten, so for people to think he should take more of a pay cut is really not the right idea and it’s unappreciative of what he’s done.”

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SH Blog: Hunter claims a man named “Black Mamba” called him in lawsuit, J.R. Smith in panic mode

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We knew things would get ugly when Derek Fisher and the NBPA looked to oust Billy Hunter from his position after the lockout debacle. The ugliness is now in full motion with Hunter suing Fisher and his former employer for a large sum of money, with a bit of a twist in his story telling. Find that, the latest update on Kobe Bryant and much more below.


alg-derek-fisher-billy-hunter-jpgBilly Hunter is reportedly suing Derek Fisher, his business manager and the NBPA for $10.5 million. He also claims that a person named “Black Mamba” called him about a month before a deal was struck to salvage the 2011-2012 NBA season, telling him to settle for a 50-50 deal. From that phone call, Hunter concludes and accuses Fisher of making a deal with the owners behind his back. Ken Berger of CBSSports details this bizarre story below:

But the most interesting series of events outlined by Hunter were those linking Bryant and Pelinka (who also represents Fisher) to the surprising collapse of negotiations at the Waldorf Astoria in New York on Oct. 28, 2011 — about a month before a new labor deal finally was struck, salvaging a 66-game season and reordering the financial and competitive landscape of the sport.

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Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant had a stroke of genius Friday morning after being knighted with a new nickname, “vino,” which will replace his long-tenured and patented reputation as the “black mamba.” 

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Tweet of the Night: Brian Scalabrine

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Fans of the game and teammates alike have always taken a liking to Brian Scalabrine. He’s embraced his place in the game, and people respect that.

Whether it was fans yelling for the coach to put him in the game or just being featured through NBA Meme’s on Facebook, Brian Scalabrine has long been an entertaining figure.

Today around noon, Scal decided to officially join Twitter.