StatBox Playoff Breakdown: More problems in Bucks’ backcourt, Williams comes up small again and Memphis finds its defense


Just in the nick of time, Memphis found its elite defense on Thursday night. But where was it hiding? Should the Nets reconsider its contract extension of its general manager after its offensive performance against the Bulls? How can Brooklyn get back in this series? Is Milwaukee’s backcourt worth keeping? The answers to all these questions and a whole lot more in today’s StatBox breakdown. Milwaukee’s backcourt problems continueThere are very few teams that could survive a poor night in the


SH Blog: Jerry West says blame on D’Antoni is unfair, wants Curry and Thompson to be greatest backcourt ever

Jerry West

The Los Angeles Lakers, although they finished the season on a very strong note, have greatly underachieved this season. We all know this. For that, most want to blame Mike D’Antoni for his inability to make better use of the talent he has. Any time you have four Hall of Fame-level players on the same team (which doesn’t happen very often), you have the responsibility of doing big things. If you don’t, the blame goes on you. It’s as simple as


StatBox Playoff Breakdown: Bulls’ defense and Grizzlies’ defensive shortcomings

Joakim Noah

If you enjoy the weekly StatBox column that analytically breaks down some of the NBA’s most pressing and important topic, you’re in luck. Every Tuesday through Thursday during the postseason, the StatBox is expanding into playoff game analysis. You’ll not only find out why each team won and lost, but how different statistical trends can play out over the course of the series and the playoffs as a whole. First up: why the Bulls and Clippers are looking good in their quests


SH Blog: Prigioni likely for Game 2; Clippers beat Grizzlies at own game; Cavs casting wide coaching net?

Blake Griffin

We’re one and a half-days into the playoffs, Miami and Milwaukee just tipped off, and so far there haven’t been any big surprises result-wise. But like last year, when Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the first playoff game, one team has already lost a key contributor, with the Warriors’ David Lee going down to a hip injury. For more details on Lee’s injury, head over here. Also on Sheridan Hoops, we’ve got a roundup of what we learned on the


Key Player For Every 2013 NBA Playoff Team


The often monotonous 82-game NBA regular season has come and gone. The worst teams have finished playing and the best 16 teams (yes, that is being generous to the Bucks) advanced to the postseason, guaranteeing high quality, spirited basketball. The seedings and schedules have been set, and each conference has matchups that are incredibly intriguing. For each team in the first round, there is one player who has to emerge and play a key role for that club to advance. Let’s have a


Clippers vs. Grizzlies Preview: Five Key Factors

Chris Paul

At long last, the NBA playoff matchups are set in stone, and as always, the Western Conference figures to hit the ground running with the better entertainment. All four West first-round matches should provide excellent entertainment, and it would be especially surprising if the 4-5 matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies proved an exception. With that series kicking off Saturday night at Staples Center in LA, here are five issues to be mindful of once the ball is jumped.


SH Blog: Lacob promises championship at some point, Wade doubted career after surgeries

Klay Thompson

Lets talk about the Golden State Warriors. How many people, before the season began, thought that this team could make the playoffs without a healthy Andrew Bogut anchoring its defense? If the number reads more than zero, then we have some liars in our hands because lets face it: no one thought that the Warriors would be good enough in the Western Conference if they couldn’t play defense. Without Bogut’s availability, there was no reason to assume that they would suddenly


SH Blog: Metta could play on Tuesday, Scola says Suns don’t know how to play

LAL_World Peace_Metta

Monday night was all about the National Championship game between Louisville and Michigan, and rightfully so. This was one game no basketball fan should have missed. Check out the details of the amazing game, along with players’ reactions here. Back to the NBA: with the season winding down, there are plenty of questions to wonder about. Will the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs this season? Who will be the Coach of the Year? Can Carmelo Anthony hold off Kevin Durant