Kamenetzky: Cali Report – Lakers alive, Griffin AWOL, Curry balling, Downtown Sacramento


With just a few weeks remaining in the regular season, the stakes couldn’t be any higher for California’s quartet of teams. The Clippers and Warriors are trying – with opposite results – to manufacture a roll heading into the playoffs, while the Lakers are scrambling just to qualify. Meanwhile, the Kings are simply trying to figure out where they will lay their heads next season. It’s always dramatic on the left coast, and this upcoming week should prove no exception. Here’s a look


SH Blog: Wall admits he was motivated by critics, Lawson says Nuggets can beat Heat in Finals

John Wall

As the season winds down, writers and reporters will have a tendency to ask players about the future ahead of them. Some – like Andre Iguodala and Jose Calderon, as you’ll see below – may be asked how they’ll go about free agency, while others (see Ty Lawson) will be asked about how they may match up against certain teams when the playoffs come around. For Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, the main questions continue to be about his value to


Tweet of the Day: Daryl Morey


With the NBA playoffs right around the corner and the field set for the most part, seeding is about all there’s left to wrap up in the regular season (if you’re not the Miami Heat). One knock on the NBA — relative to other sports — is that there is not a lot of turnover. The playoff bracket in the East is set, with only Brooklyn replacing Philadelphia from last year.


Bernucca: West playoff picture pointing to Lakers-Clippers

Kobe Bryant

Less than three weeks ago, the Los Angeles Lakers were mourning the death of owner Jerry Buss, refuting rumors that Dwight Howard would be traded and staring down the draft lottery. With his team mired in ninth place in the Western Conference, Kobe Bryant defiantly told Sports Illustrated, “It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will. And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone – Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver … whoever. I have


SH Blog: Ibaka defends groin hit on Griffin, Josh Smith thinks Howard will stay with Lakers


There are always two sides to every story. We saw Serge Ibaka chop down on Blake Griffin’s manhood on Sunday, and unless you have no sympathy towards any man that gets whacked in their jewels whatsoever, you would agree that Ibaka should probably have been thrown out of that game, and a suspension ought to be coming his way. Ask the Thunder forward, though, and he’ll tell you how innocent he was in the whole fiasco. John Rohde of The Oklahoman has