Five Fast Facts from NBA Games: 2.28.13


Thursday was a very light night in the NBA, as only three games made up the schedule. Joakim Noah made league history in Chicago against the 76ers, the Lakers continued their dominance over the Timberwolves as they push towards the playoffs and the Clippers accomplished something they had never done before since moving to Los Angeles. Here is another thought-provoking issue of Five Fast Facts.


Top five memories from 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend


LeBron James came into the weekend with the hype he’s built through the monstrous 60 percent, 30-point tear that he’d been on for nearly seven straight games. Kevin Durant dropped (another) 30-spot: It was his third straight 30-point All-Star game. Kobe Bryant made an timely, game-sealing block with the West up 134-126 and under 2:40 seconds to play in the game. Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade each played a well-rounded game.


Fantasy Spin: Imaginary All-Stars

Kevin Durant

Not so many years ago, I was in a few redraft fantasy leagues that banned Michael Jordan for being too dominant. First pick in the draft was such an advantage, it could decide the entire season and ruin the competitive balance. Now there are two players that good.


Fantasy Spin: Heat & Clippers Win Midseason Bragging Rights


The last two games of the ‘first half’ are in the books. Actually, the ‘second half’ of the NBA season is more like the final third. Every team has played at least 50 games, some as many as 56. There are only five weeks left in many Head-to-Head fantasy leagues until the playoffs begin, and trade deadlines are looming in both real basketball and our imaginary version.


Tweet of the Day: Chris Paul

Chris Paul headshot

The Los Angeles Clippers secured an important road victory Sunday afternoon at New York. They took control in the fourth quarter, pulling away to secure a 102-88 win over the Knicks. 


Hubbard: NBA All-Star Week — Just Go With It


If you’re looking for a way to capture the quality of NBA All-Star Week, think Adam Sandler movies. They are meant to be entertaining. They are hectic, foolish and sometimes embarrassing. The critics hate them. And the fans love them. Take a look at the web site and find Adam Sandler movies, whether it’s as a writer, producer or star. By my count, 39 of them have been rated by critics. Of those 39, 34 of the reviews have been negative. Safe