Bernucca: Have Pacers Lost Belief in Themselves?

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Four

Believe it or not, there’s someone out there who doesn’t think the Indiana Pacers are coming apart at the seams.  “Everybody goes through this,” Spurs guard Tony Parker said last week after San Antonio manhandled Indiana, 103-77, on the Pacers’ home court. “I’m not worried about them. They’ll still make it to the Eastern Conference finals and they’ll still play Miami.” Parker is somewhat right. From time to time, every championship contender has a stretch during a season where they look ordinary.


SH Blog: Chris Bosh is happy with his role with the Heat; Al Jefferson sprains ankle

New York Knicks v Miami Heat

One of the only things as important to me as basketball is TV. Last week, they came together fantastically when Chris Bosh showed up on the best show on TV, Parks and Recreation. Bosh was only on screen for a few seconds, but they were some very memorable seconds. Check them out here. Bosh isn’t Parks‘ first NBA player, of course. Roy Hibbert had a recurring role a couple seasons ago. Here’s hoping for a showdown in the near future —


Five Things To Watch: Dallas Mavericks


After the high of winning the 2011 NBA championship, it didn’t take the Dallas Mavericks long to tumble back down. Between the much-publicized decision to let most of the championship team go, and the subsequent failure to obtain a top-tier free agent, Dallas is treading water – not quite ready to go under but with no real rescue in sight. This offseason, the Mavericks rolled the dice and brought in an eclectic combination of players through free agency that left much of


Bernucca: The 10 Worst Offseason Free Agent Signings

Kyle Korver

Whenever the NBA and the Players Association negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, the media – including Sheridan Hoops – goes to great lengths to understand and explain its rules, exceptions and nuances. But since the first wave of players began making the jump from high school to the NBA in the mid-1990s, the premise of every new CBA could be summed up in six words: To save the owners from themselves. Restraint never has been the collective strength of NBA owners. In


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Bucks, Mavs, Pelicans had most puzzling offseasons


Did your NBA team confuse you this offseason? Were moves made that left you asking questions? Scratching your head? Leaving you angry and befuddled? This column is for many of you. It discusses the three teams with the most puzzling offseasons. After a lot of thought and consideration, there were three teams that really stood out and left this writer really question their thought processes. The first is easily the Milwaukee Bucks. After trading an interesting long-term asset in Tobias Harris for


SH Blog: Kevin McHale is a big Kelly Olynyk fan; why did Kirilenko go to Brooklyn?


Hello and welcome to the Sheridan Hoops blog, where we round up the latest news and rumors from all around the NBA. This week, you are once again looking at my face (complete with that mustache I rocked for exactly one month) at the top of the column, after a one-week absence from the weekend blog slot. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons were texting each other frequently. I remember this because it was in


Mavs forward Marion out with sprained MCL


The Dallas Mavericks have been doing just fine without Dirk Nowitzki. Now we will see how they do without Shawn Marion. The Mavericks said Tuesday that Marion has a sprained MCL in his left knee and will miss at least three games before being re-evaluated. Marion suffered the injury in the third quarter of Monday’s 114-91 home win over Portland and did not return. Initially, the injury was not believed to be serious. According to the team, Marion had an MRI that confirmed