Hubbard: Remembering Jordan at 50 – Fun Behind the Scenes


While attempting to uncover a certain fact about Michael Jordan, an extended Google search proved futile. The fact would be wonderful to know because it would be a way of tormenting Jordan, and that’s always been fun to do because that’s what he’s always done to everyone else. In searching the internet, however, I couldn’t find out what time Jordan was born 50 years ago today. I’d like to know because if it was more than a few seconds after midnight


SH Blog: Wade’s ex says he was a violent husband


We’re still in a bit of a holding pattern basketball-wise until training camps get underway, but the news never stops in the NBA.Before we get to tonight’s items, a heads-up to keep a close eye on Kent Williams’ daily fantasy articles, the latest of which is here. They’re an excellent resource for fantasy players, both new and experienced, and for regular basketball fans, too.And right here, we’ve got all the latest news from around the NBA.Dwyane Wade’s ex has some stories


NBA exec Brian McIntyre honored by peers

NBA executive Brian McIntyre, the only man who ever traded Michael Jordan

When I was covering the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, I spent the first 5 minutes of every halftime in the smoking area outside the back entrance to Wukesong Arena. That was when the Redeem Team was on its way to winning the gold medal, and one day during pool play Team USA was beating the bejeezus out of Spain. Joing me for a halftime cigarette that evening was NBA executive Brian McIntyre, who was pulling double duty as the p.r. man