Tweet of the Day: New York Knicks FINALLY Usher In Phil Jackson Era

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Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

After what seemed like weeks of deliberation, rumors that he was possibly leveraging the New York Knicks against the Los Angeles Lakers to get the job he (presumably) really wanted, and a lot of TV and radio discussion, the wait is finally over.

Phil Jackson has formally been announced as the Knicks new president of basketball operations.

News coverage for Phil’s new job, from its early discussions to its formal announcement, has been at an all-time high. You can find plenty of coverage here on Sheridan Hoops:

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Tuesday, New York welcomed its new President home after decades spent elsewhere in the NBA.

SH Blog: League admits blown call against Dahntay Jones, Carmelo’s knee a concern for Woodson

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Kobe BryantA day after watching Kobe Bryant go down with a severely sprained ankle due to Dahntay Jones’ “aggressive” defense, there was much debate about whether the play was dirty and if a foul should have been called on the play.

Lets take a look at some of the reactions from around the league. Here is one from Mark Jackson and Bruce Bowen (ironically), from Eric Pincus of Los Angeles Times:

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Tweet of the Day: Kevin Love

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All-Star Weekend is here!

Friday night kicks things off with the All-Star Celebrity Game.

Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love may be injured, but he’s on the scene at All-Star weekend. He kept tabs on all of the the pre-game action by giving a play-by-play of participants’ fashion.

SH Blog: Current and former NBA players around the league react to Avery Johnson firing


The job security of an NBA coach can be quite fragile when things go badly.

Fair or not, the coach is always the first to blame when a team does not perform up to what is expected of them. We’ve seen this with former Lakers coach Mike Brown, who was the first to lose his job this season after just five games.

On Thursday afternoon, it was announced that Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson would be the second coach to be relieved of his duties this season, as Chris Sheridan predicted earlier in the morning.

Johnson, who wasn’t concerned over his job security when asked about it just a week ago, was certainly surprised by the decision. Here are his thoughts, from Roderick Boone of Newsday:

“This is a really disappointing day for me and my family,” Johnson said at a news conference at the PNY Center. ” . . . This is a difficult time. It’s something that I didn’t necessarily see coming, especially after a pretty good November. Then, obviously we lost a few games in December and you never think that when you are a .500 team, then you’re going into two more home games that something like this would happen.

“But this is ownership’s decision. This is what we sign up for. This is part of our business fair or unfair. It doesn’t matter. But again, it’s time for a new voice and the team will have a new voice and hopefully they will get back on track.”

Johnson wasn’t the only one surprised of his firing, as plenty of current and former NBA players chimed in on the matter:

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Tweet of the Night: Bruce Bowen

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Shaq just said Pop has 2 or 3 titles for the Spurs. How about 4 titles.
Bruce Bowen

During Inside the NBA on Thursday night, Shaquille O’Neal mentioned the number of championships the San Antonio Spurs have won under the guidance of Gregg Popovich, to emphasize the fact that the coach knows what he is doing.

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The problem is, Shaq’s guess on that number was a swing and a miss. Naturally, Bruce Bowen came on twitter and corrected the Big Aristotle (or the Big Honey Badger, as I like to call him), citing that his team has, in fact, won four championships, not two or three.

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