Sprung: Now Woodson is on the hook for Knicks’ mess


Throughout the mess of the New York Knicks’ season thus far, one person who has remained essentially blameless is coach Mike Woodson. The Knicks – now 7-17 and 13th in the Leastern Conference – have fallen victim to poor roster construction, injuries, selfish play and bad luck, none of which could be pinned on Woodson. Not anymore. Monday’s 102-101 home loss to Washington gets dropped squarely in Woodson’s lap. And the next thing dropped in his lap may be a pink slip.


Tweet of the Night: Reggie Miller can’t believe Knicks fail to call timeout against Wizards in final seconds


The New York Knicks have lost plenty of games this season in a variety of devastating ways, but Monday’s loss to the Washington Wizards at home may take the cake for the worst loss of the season. New York got off to a slow start and was down 53-42 at half time. John Wall went off in the first half with 19 points, but a determined Knicks team came out firing on all cylinders in the second half. They held Wall


May: With Dec. 15 Trade Season Open, What Will Knicks Do?


Today is the day when the floodgates open and a whole bunch of NBA players can theoretically start changing addresses and re-assessing their prospects. Basically, just about any player in the league can now be traded, as Dec. 15 is the date when players who signed over the summer can be shipped elsewhere. There will be umpteen trade stories over the next two months, leading up to the actual deadline in February. A fraction of them will have any truth. Already we’ve seen


SH Blog: Lowry wanted to be traded for much of the season, Woodson says he can win with any team


With the New York Knicks struggling to find any sort of consistency at the point guard position this season, they have reportedly been looking to trade for Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry. That would be a fantastic addition, as his presence would provide some toughness and generate some easier baskets for a team that relies so much on isolation plays. But what is the price of acquiring a guard of his caliber? Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has the details


SH Blog: Iguodala says Sixers fans used to curse at him all the time, Rondo denies recruitment from Melo


If you know me or follow me on twitter, you know that I follow the Golden State Warriors more closely than any other team in the league. No player intrigues me the way Stephen Curry does (can you blame me?), and the belief that this team may be good enough to come out of the West became a reality when the team acquired Andrew Bogut two seasons ago. They were half way there to prove this point last season, and


Heisler: Kobe’s return — Not Quite as In Days of Yore


LOS ANGELES — Kobe to the rescue? Are you kidding? Kobe Bryant made his long-awaited return in Sunday’s 106-94 loss to the Raptors, well before Christmas projections, but still too late to lead the Lakers as in days of yore. Try four seasons too late, which is how long the days of yore have been over in Lakerdom. Nor is this That Kobe. If he will ever get close again—you can just see Jim Buss going, “It’s early, it’s early… isn’t it?”– it’s weeks


SH Blog: Shumpert is playing angry; Knicks unlikely to trade Melo


I’m not saying “pity the weekend blogger,” but yesterday we got the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s return. Today? That’s, as they say, yesterday’s news. Sometimes big news breaks on the weekend, and this is certainly by no means a slow news day, but Kobe was only going to announce his return once, and of course he couldn’t do it on one of my blogging days. Regardless, that’s news we all saw coming.


NBA Gambling: Notes from the Quarter Pole – Bet The Lakers!


The gambling life ain’t easy, folks — which is where today’s tale begins. But by the time you get to the end of today’s column, hopefully you’ll be amused by my personal adventures and enlightened by my leaguewide analysis. We are at the quarter-pole of the NBA season, and trends have emerged. First, to truly appreciate what it means to gamble on the NBA on a daily basis, you had to experience what it was like to bet on the Philadelphia 76ers