Heisler: Kobe’s return — Not Quite as In Days of Yore


LOS ANGELES — Kobe to the rescue? Are you kidding? Kobe Bryant made his long-awaited return in Sunday’s 106-94 loss to the Raptors, well before Christmas projections, but still too late to lead the Lakers as in days of yore. Try four seasons too late, which is how long the days of yore have been over in Lakerdom. Nor is this That Kobe. If he will ever get close again—you can just see Jim Buss going, “It’s early, it’s early… isn’t it?”– it’s weeks


SH Blog: Shumpert is playing angry; Knicks unlikely to trade Melo


I’m not saying “pity the weekend blogger,” but yesterday we got the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s return. Today? That’s, as they say, yesterday’s news. Sometimes big news breaks on the weekend, and this is certainly by no means a slow news day, but Kobe was only going to announce his return once, and of course he couldn’t do it on one of my blogging days. Regardless, that’s news we all saw coming.


NBA Gambling: Notes from the Quarter Pole – Bet The Lakers!


The gambling life ain’t easy, folks — which is where today’s tale begins. But by the time you get to the end of today’s column, hopefully you’ll be amused by my personal adventures and enlightened by my leaguewide analysis. We are at the quarter-pole of the NBA season, and trends have emerged. First, to truly appreciate what it means to gamble on the NBA on a daily basis, you had to experience what it was like to bet on the Philadelphia 76ers


SH Blog: Rose refers to his doubters as fools, George Karl takes a jab at Anthony’s inability to win


It’s been well documented that the New York Knicks are an awful team this season. As it turns out, the Brooklyn Nets may be a notch worse than them after seeing the two teams duke it out on Thursday night. You know it’s bad when Andrea Bargnani is trash-talking to Kevin Garnett. Yes, that happened. The Knicks embarrassed the Nets on their own floor by 30 points and showed that they are at least capable of playing some semblance of team basketball.


Scotto: Brooklyn’s Nightmare Has Become a Reality


BROOKLYN – Mikhail Prokhorov once vowed to take over New York as owner of the Brooklyn Nets and turn Knicks fans into Nets fans. But on Thursday night in front of a national TV audience, it was the Knicks who took over Brooklyn and Barclays Center. It was so bad, Brooklyn’s introductory video malfunctioned before loud boos for Kevin Garnett and Jason Kidd filled the arena during the starting lineup introductions. Chants of “Let’s go Knicks” began as New York pulled away


SH Blog: Kidd says he won’t miss Lawrence, Kobe not ruled out for Sunday


STORY OF THE DAY: When Jason Kidd demoted Lawrence Frank from the assistant coach position, it was assumed that there was a rift between them. While that’s all but true, it appears there was tension between the two the moment Frank agreed to join the team. Tim Bontemps and Fred Kerber of New York Post detailed what went wrong from the jump: One league source told The Post the Kidd-Lawrence union began on rocky footing. After Kidd’s very public courtship of Frank,


Sprung: Anatomy of the New York Knicks’ Losing Streak


The Knicks went the entire month of November without a home win and started December the same way. New York lost its ninth straight game and seventh in a row at Madison Square Garden in a tough 103-99 setback to New Orleans on Sunday night. For a team that was supposed to be at least on the fringe of contention in the Eastern Conference, it’s almost unfathomable that the Knicks are 3-13. Coach Mike Woodson told reporters before the game that