China: Stephon Marbury a champion again for dynastic Beijing Ducks


Stephon Marbury, the lost son of the New York Knicks, continues to live the good life in the Chinese Basketball Association. On Sunday night, the point guard scored an efficient 25 points in Game 6 to lead the Beijing Ducks past the Liaoning Leopards 106-98 for the Ducks’ third title in four years. A few seconds after the final buzzer sounded, the American was wildly embraced by his Chinese teammates while cameramen fought to capture the moment. Marbury won Finals MVP after


China Update: Marbury’s Beijing team trails in exciting CBA Finals

Lester Hudson China

For the first time in years, the hyperbole generated in the build-up to a CBA Finals is actually living up to the hype. Three games into the championship series, the Liaoning Leopards have a 2-1 lead over the defending champion Beijing Ducks. All three of the encounters have been compelling, but what has helped the CBA is that no one can confidently say what is going to happen next. Certain assumptions have turned out to be true. For example, Beijing’s Stephon


China Update: Marbury, Bynum, Haddadi lead semifinalists


For the four remaining teams left in the CBA playoffs, the stakes simply could not be higher. After one of the tightest regular seasons in the history of Chinese basketball followed by a grueling quarterfinal round, the semifinals get underway on Wednesday. On one side of the bracket is a dream matchup between two historic foes while on the other, one heavily favored team will be challenged by an underdog with no prior history in the postseason. Some compelling basketball is


China Update: Dominique Jones, Eli Holman, Jeremy Tyler now available, quarterfinal results


The CBA playoffs are now in full swing and everyone in China is glued to their TVs watching everything play out. A couple of teams are already going home, while others are hanging on to the postseason dreams by their fingertips. With that in mind, let’s check in on the best-of-five quarterfinals to see who is doing what and which notable American free agents are coming home. [Read more…]


10 Players in China Who Could Help NBA Playoff Teams

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With a triple-double of 14 points, 13 rebounds and 12 blocks on national TV, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside has shown that impactful midseason signings can be found in the strangest of places. Whiteside was a 2010 second-round pick of the Sacramento Kings. He was waived by both the Kings in 2012 and the Memphis Grizzlies three months ago. In between, Whiteside was playing for Jiangsu Tongxi in the second tier of Chinese basketball. With the regular season of the Chinese Basketball


One and Done, A Data-Driven Analysis, Part Two: The Results


I get pretty tired of all of the complaining about One and Done. It’s time to do something about it. The current rule is a prime example of what happens when two sides are negotiating several major issues simultaneously and a point that deserves a fully thought-out plan becomes something to compromise over. A rule gets made that doesn’t address the actual issues very well, causing distress on all sides. So what’s the plan? How does one actually come up with a


One and Done: A Data Driven Analysis, Part One: The Landscape


“A good compromise is one where both sides are unhappy.” If you believe that quote, then you must be a fan of the current NBA early entry policy, one of the best compromises in sports history. The policy, informally known as “One and Done,” was reached as a “split the baby” compromise between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association in 2005. As the flow of high school players entering the NBA grew, the league pushed hard for an age limit


Artest’s Stint in China May Come to a Premature End


Metta World Peace, Ron Artest, Panda Friend. Whatever the name is on his medical form and the roster chart, the diagnosis is still the same: ‘Recurrence of knee injury – recovery time: three-to-five weeks.’ In the NBA, this would mean a spell on the sidelines. But in the Chinese Basketball Association, it is often the end of the season for an overseas player. This is the ruthless nature of life in the CBA, particularly for the league’s American imports. They’re brought in