NBA Future Odds: Las Vegas vs Offshore

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The NBA futures market has opened up across many different sports books and shops, not only in Las Vegas but also across the offshore markets as well. In this column, I am going to list all of the different odds and current opportunities between these shops to see if there are any differences worth noting and where the biggest discrepancies lie.

Here are the two Las Vegas Sports Books that we will be comparing: The Las Vegas Hilton and William Hill; William Hill is the line originator for sports books such as Hooter’s, Ellis Island, The D Las Vegas, Terrible’s and Riviera.

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Evening News: JJ Redick out 10 days; Brendan Haywood to miss 12 weeks; Anthony Davis shining in preseason

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In today’s NBA news, Clippers’ new shooting guard JJ Redick will be sidelined for 10 days with a bruised quad, and Bobcats’ center Brendan Haywood will miss 12 weeks with a stress fracture in his foot.

Tweet of the Day: Jalen Rose Predicts Epic Un-Retirement

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Popular ESPN personality Bill Simmons and his NBA on ESPN cohost Jalen Rose sat in front of a camera to record the NBA Preview for the B.S. Report on

During the episode, Jalen made a striking prediction for the 2013-14 NBA season.

That’s right. Jalen Rose expects 50-year-old Michael Jordan to come out of retirement and don a Charlotte Bobcats uniform or one game this season.


Will Michael Jordan ditch the tie to don the Bobcats jersey?

It’s quite a bold prediction.

Unfortunately, as the Grantland Network and Danny Chau suggest, it is quite unfounded.

According to Article XXIX, Section 8, of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, entitled “Limitation on Player Ownership”:

During the term of this Agreement, no NBA player may acquire or hold a direct or indirect interest in the ownership of any NBA Team; provided, however, that any player may own shares of any publicly-traded company that directly or indirectly owns an NBA Team.

Jordan’s current situation as the majority owner and chairman of the Bobcats prohibits him from suiting up as an NBA player.

The legalities involved in trying to make even a one-game comeback possible are quite overwhelming. It simply doesn’t make sense.

And, even though Simmons presumes that Rose tends to “know things,” there is no amount of inside knowledge that can supersede the collective bargaining agreement.


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Tweet of the Day: Kendall Marshall Questions Kanye West’s Tirade

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Celebrity Twitter beefs can be fun. Or silly. Or completely nonsensical.

Some times, as was the case with Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant earlier this week, they can be confused as possible marketing gimmicks—as both of the NBA athletes involved are sponsored by and have been featured together in Gatorade advertising.

Jimmy Kimmel recently did a bit on his late night show in which he poked fun at producer/rapper Kanye West.

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Tweet of the Day: Cody Zeller Experiencing the Supernatural

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Cody ZellerFollowing the NBA on Twitter, fans sometimes are given a window into the lives of their favorite athletes. Sometimes,
players give their followers a look inside where and how they live.

Followers are commonly given glimpses into NBA athletes’ workout routines, their shoe closets, wardrobes and family interaction.

Rarely are fans exposed to the weird in players’ lives.

Charlotte Bobcats rookie center Cody Zeller has done just that.

Hopefully, Zeller doesn’t have Haley Joel Osment living in a random closet somewhere in his apartment, torturing him by turning the lights on at night.

Though, being true to the film, Osment’s character is not paranormal, he just sees the paranormal. It is more likely that Zeller has the creepy girl from The Ring in his house than the boy from The Sixth Sense.


If he is living in the world of The Sixth Sense, let us all hope that his doesn’t turn out the same as Bruce Willis’ tale.

It might be quite the shock to his teammates and to the Bobcats ownership and staff, should they find out that Cody Zeller is, himself, in reality a ghost.

At least, for his sake, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis are trying to get The Ghostbusters back together. They might be able to help him.


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