PODCAST: Day Two of the MeloDrama: No Taxes in Texas

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Welcome to Day 2 of NBA Free Agency, when we will learn how the lack of state income taxes could have an impact on Carmelo Anthony’s future. A day after being feted by the Chicago Bulls, Anthony will visit the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets today. If he signs with either team, he will not have to pay any state income taxes because Texas does not levy them. New York? Oh yeah.Not only is there a state income tax, but there is


Tweet of the Day: Amid World Cup Insanity, NBA Free Agency Takes Action


The United States Men’s National Team fought valiantly in losing 2-1 in extra time in Tuesday’s 2014 World Cup match against Belgium in the round of 16. Goalkeeper Tim Howard was amazing, amassing 16 saves. Yet, his near superhuman effort wasn’t enough. Meanwhile, back in the states, NBA free agency is underway. The Cleveland Cavaliers made waves by announcing that they had secured the future of their point guard, Kyrie Irving, by reaching an agreement on a five-year, $90 million max-contract


Sheridan: Where Will the Top Free Agents Wind Up?

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It is crystal ball time as NBA free agency is opening, and anybody who tries to predict the future does so at considerable risk given the way things change by the hour in the NBA these days. Just ask Larry Drew. Free agency begins at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, and the biggest fish that could be caught is Carmelo Anthony. Apologies to LeBron James, but pretty much everyone is convinced he is staying in Miami. One team that has been under the radar


Chicago Bulls Salaries and Analysis

CHICAGO BULLS 2015-16 Offseason Additions: F Cristiano Felicio 2015 Draft Picks: F Bobby Portis Draft Picks Coming: 2016 first round (Sacramento, protected 1-10); 2016 second round (Portland) Draft Picks Going: 2016 second round (to Orlando, higher of two) Cap Exceptions: Partial mini-mid-level ($1,120,000) Trade Exceptions: None Over/Under: Over the tax Amnesty Provision: Used on Carlos Boozer (2014)PLAYER 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20Derrick Rose $20,090,000 $21,320,000 Jimmy Butler $16,410,000  $17,550,000 $18,700,000  $19,840,000 $19,840,000Joakim Noah $13,400,000 Taj Gibson  $8,500,000 $8,950,000Pau Gasol $7,450,000 $7,770,000Nikola Mirotic $5,540,000 $5,780,000 $7,230,000Mike Dunleavy $4,500,000  $4,840,000 $5,180,000Kirk Hinrich $2,850,000Aaron Brooks $2,250,000Doug McDermott $2,380,000  $2,480,000 $3,290,000 $4,510,000Tony Snell $1,540,000 $2,370,000  $3,390,000Bobby Portis $1,390,000 $1,450,000 $1,520,000 $2,490,000 $3,610,000E’Twaun Moore  $1,020,000Cameron Bairstow $850,000  $980,000  $1,250,000Cristiano Felicio $530,000  $870,000Richard Hamilton $330,000TOTAL SALARY $89,030,000 $74,360,000 $40,560,000 $26,840,000 $23,450,000Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer Waived BACK TO TEAM SALARY INDEX 


Tweet Of The Night: NBA Players Support The Drew Gooden Foundation


It’s always a good thing to see NBA players and athletes in general give back to a good cause. While many of them are living comfortable lives, those that choose to spend their money or time for the benefit of others show a level of selflessness that transcends their on court contributions. NBA veteran Drew Gooden has long been an advocate for community service, and is the founder of the self titled Drew Gooden Foundation. In addition to his own organization


Sheridan: Biggest winner on draft night was Miami; Big Four is Realistic Possibility


How many more years will LeBron James stay with the Heat? Not two, not three, not four … It might just be five. And a big part of the reason why was Miami’s acquisition of point guard Shabazz Napier in Thursday night’s draft, a move that James openly praised on Twitter just moments after the deal with Charlotte went down. If ever there was a case in which you needed to read between the lines, this was it. And how is this for


2014 NBA Draft Trades Analysis


When it comes to trades, the 2014 NBA draft hasn’t been quite as nuts as last year. Nevertheless, there have been a handful of deals. Here’s a breakdown: Philadelphia 76ers trade Elfrid Payton to Orlando Magic for Dario Saric, 2015 second-round pick and 2017 first-round pick. Philadelphia didn’t need another point guard with Michael Carter-Williams entrenched at the position, and the Sixers are all about assets. Injured Joel Embiid went third and now Dario Saric will be in Turkey for the next two seasons.