Bulls-Heat Opens 2013-14 NBA Schedule Filled With Awesome Intrigue, Matchups

Heat Ring tilt

The NBA’s popularity is on the rise, and the league isn’t wasting any time getting its fans engaged with the 2013-14 season. The season opens on Tuesday, Oct. 29 with LeBron James and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat getting their rings before hosting the Chicago Bulls in a game that should feature the return of Derrick Rose. James has won the MVP four of the last five years. The only time he did not win it in that span was 2011,


Tweet of the Day: Luol Deng grateful to be back on the hardwood


Luol Deng may not be knocking down jumpers like he is accustomed to, however, the Chicago Bulls forward is grateful to be on a court after a series of medical setbacks during the Bulls playoff run this season. Luol Deng forced to watch his Bulls from the sidelines after undergoing a spinal tap procedure. Deng hasn’t played competitive ball in over two months, but the All-Star has taken it upon himself to get back out there, at this


StatBox Breakdown: Why is John Wall getting a max contract?

John Wall

It’s a simple, yet complex decision for the Washington Wizards. John Wall is the team’s unquestioned franchise player. It would be incredibly difficult to replace him and build around someone else. From that standpoint, it makes sense that Washington is locking him up for five years and the maximum $80 million it can give the former top overall pick. The problem? Wall is nowhere near as good as other point guards given max contracts in recent years. He has to sound confident when he