Tweet of the Night: Damian Lillard finds Chris Kaman’s doppelgänger

Damian Lillard

Did Portland Trail Blazers center Chris Kaman make a cameo appearance as a cameraman during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals? With the Golden State Warriors taking on the Houston Rockets in what would turn out to be a series-ending contest on Wednesday, most eyes were focused on Stephen Curry and company. Damian Lillard, however, noticed something else on the side, as you can see below: [Read more…]


Brooklyn Nets lose control of their playoff hopes

Joe Johnson face Game 2

BROOKLYN – A string of poor play may cost the Brooklyn Nets a playoff spot in the pathetic Eastern Conference. Their inability over the last several games – and throughout the season as a whole – to consistently beat winning teams could end up being the back-breaker for this ballclub. Despite being without Joakim Noah, the Chicago Bulls outscored the Nets 30-15 in the third quarter and ran away with a 113-86 laugher that cost Brooklyn the eighth spot in the East,


Tweet of the Night: Draymond Green reacts to Glen Davis’ flop during scuffle with Portland Trail Blazers

Draymond Green Warriors

Chris Paul suffered the wrath of the internet and twitter this week after an unpleasant night of trying to guard Stephen Curry on Tuesday. The good thing about the NBA, though, is that there is always another game to play the following night or soon after, and Paul took full advantage of this on Wednesday when he took his anger out on the Portland Trail Blazers with 41 points (on 13-of-21 shooting from the field), five rebounds, 17 assists, four steals and


Fantasy Spin: Big Money Up For Grabs On Big Wednesday

Marc Gasol

It was a triumph of Grizzlies basketball. Marc Gasol $8700 was brilliant and they held the Warriors — who had won 16 in a row — to 41% shooting. Mike Conley $7900 and Zach Randolph $7400 did what they do, but it was the bench, led by Vince Carter $3000 with 16 points, that helped seal the deal with a tremendous second quarter. [Read more…]


Sprung: Blazers on the rise through improved defense, continuity


The three best records in the NBA belong to the Warriors, Grizzlies and Blazers. What do all three Western Conference teams have in common? Continuity. Besides for some minor tweaks, (Shaun Livingston, Vince Carter, Steve Blake and Chris Kaman) Golden State, Memphis and Portland retained their core players and have been extremely successful over the first quarter of the regular season. For Portland, now at 16-4 after Sunday’s win over New York, this is the third season the LaMarcus Aldridge-Damian Lillard-Nicolas Batum-Wes