SH Blog: LeBron frustrated with non-basketball fouls, Jennings calls out coach for singling him out

LeBron James

The NBA is full of incredible athletes. Some are more athletic than others, but most of them can handle and play against each other without feeling completely overwhelmed by one another, at least in terms of physicality. Among them, however, are some freak-of-nature types that no one can really contain. Shaquille O’Neal was one of these freaks. There’s no one quite like him these days, but we do have physical specimen like Dwight Howard and LeBron James, who are pretty much unstoppable


Tweet of the Day: Daryl Morey


With the NBA playoffs right around the corner and the field set for the most part, seeding is about all there’s left to wrap up in the regular season (if you’re not the Miami Heat). One knock on the NBA — relative to other sports — is that there is not a lot of turnover. The playoff bracket in the East is set, with only Brooklyn replacing Philadelphia from last year. [Read more…]


The Jruth? Holiday has joined elite point guards

Jrue Holiday

Is it an exaggeration to call Jrue Holiday a member of the elite point guard class in the NBA? Not entirely. Sure, it was only last November that Holiday was coming off a disappointing third season in which his reclining numbers and lower efficiency ratings had many analysts wondering whether he had reached his ceiling as nothing more than a competent point guard. This season, however, Holiday has indisputably become a worthy All-Star selection and has earned a rightful place on the short


Mighty Moke’s Free Agency Rankings (Version 4.0)

Paul Millsap 2

Quick and pretty amazing tidbit: this is our fourth version of these free agency rankings, and since we started them, the Miami Heat have not lost. Yes, the Heat are hot and the copious amount of attention they are receiving is something Charlie Sheen could only dream of replicating. So in honor of the Heat, let’s go streaking. [Read more…]