Five Fast Facts from NBA Games: 3.10.13

Daylight savings time is upon us, and as we celebrate with another hour of daylight, the NBA had a busy day with nine games on the docket. The Heat continued their unbelievable stretch with their 18th straight win, the Clippers toyed with Detroit, the Lakers moved into playoff position and the Thunder continued their dominance at home. Sit back and get some rays with our latest version of Five Fast Facts.


Five Fast Facts From NBA Games 3.7.13.

Kevin Durant

With only two games on the NBA schedule Thursday night we were all able to hone in on a showdown between the Thunder and Knicks at the Garden (without Carmelo Anthony) and a shootout in Denver that wasn’t quite the dunk-fest that the Clippers were hoping for. Here are the facts: 


Mighty Moke’s Free Agent Rankings

Josh Smith 1

The Atlanta Hawks will have truckloads of money under the cap this season, and most believe that GM Danny Ferry has his eyes set firmly on Dwight Howard. But if you’re Mark Cuban, and Chris Paul let it be known that he wanted to come play for you and with Dirk Nowitzki, do you make a run at him? Or would you go out and try to use the available cap space on, say, Al Jefferson and Brandon Jennings? We don’t know


Sheridan Hoops MVP Rankings After Week 18

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

Now what, Pop? With Tony Parker out for a month, do you turn to the French rookie (Nando DeColo) … or the Aussie speedster (Patty Mills)? And yes, we agree with your statement that Parker should be given major consideration for every award out there, and yes, we agree that there hasn’t been an NBA point guard who has done as much for his team as Parker has done for the Spurs.