Kamenetzky: Cali Report – Lakers alive, Griffin AWOL, Curry balling, Downtown Sacramento


With just a few weeks remaining in the regular season, the stakes couldn’t be any higher for California’s quartet of teams. The Clippers and Warriors are trying – with opposite results – to manufacture a roll heading into the playoffs, while the Lakers are scrambling just to qualify. Meanwhile, the Kings are simply trying to figure out where they will lay their heads next season. It’s always dramatic on the left coast, and this upcoming week should prove no exception. Here’s a look


Mighty Moke’s Free Agent Rankings (Version 5.0)

Nate Robinson

Busted brackets and baseball. That is what most sports fans are thinking about at the beginning of April. While the great majority of you guys and gals have been distraught over not correctly picking Wichita State to reach the NCAA’s Final Four, many have overlooked the fact that some of the NBA’s playoff races are getting more and more interesting with each passing week. And a bunch of our pending free agents have something to do with that. Josh Smith and his Atlanta


Tweet of the Day: Easter Edition

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Happy Easter! The day of new life & love & compassion to friends, family & all people! CELEBRATE!
George Karl
  With only five games on the NBA schedule on Easter Sunday, many players around the league will be taking the day off to celebrate with their families before getting back to work tomorrow. Let’s take a look at who around the NBA is celebrating and how.  [Read more…]


SH Blog: LeBron frustrated with non-basketball fouls, Jennings calls out coach for singling him out

LeBron James

The NBA is full of incredible athletes. Some are more athletic than others, but most of them can handle and play against each other without feeling completely overwhelmed by one another, at least in terms of physicality. Among them, however, are some freak-of-nature types that no one can really contain. Shaquille O’Neal was one of these freaks. There’s no one quite like him these days, but we do have physical specimen like Dwight Howard and LeBron James, who are pretty much unstoppable