Tweet of the Day: NBA Players Reflect On 9/11

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It was 12 years ago today that the horrors of 9/11 were etched into the annals of history, yet the events of that day still seem so recent.

Two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York City causing them to collapse and two other planes flew towards targets further south—one crashing in a field in Pennsylvania, the other hitting the Pentagon in Washington.

Today, as many across the United States take time to reflect on the tragedy that occurred so many years ago, so to do our favorite NBA athletes.

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NBA Players React to Boston Marathon Tragedy

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Tragedy struck in Boston on Monday afternoon when two bombs exploded near the finish line to the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Below is a video of President Barack Obama’s response followed by the Twitter reaction from the NBA.

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Jerry Buss Twitter Reaction

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Over the All-Star break, news broke that longtime Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss had been hospitalized and was battling cancer.

Monday, Dr. Buss passed away.

[Heisler on Buss: As owners go, he stands alone]

Many NBA players (former and current), owners and personnel sent their regards via Twitter.

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UPDATE: Spurs’ Jackson, Celtics’ Wilcox, Cavs’ Scott fined $25K each

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San Antonio Spurs swingman Stephen Jackson, Boston Celtics forward Chris Wilcox and Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott each were fined $25,000 by the NBA on Sunday.

UPDATE: Jackson was fined for a hostile tweet directed at Oklahoma City Thunder big man Serge Ibaka. Currently sidelined by an injury, Jackson apparently watched Friday’s Lakers-Thunder game on ESPN and didn’t like what he saw.

Spurs GM R.C. Buford wasn’t exactly thrilled with Jackson’s use of social media.

“The recent public comments made by Stephen Jackson are absolutely unacceptable, cannot be tolerated and do not reflect the standards held by the San Antonio Spurs,” Buford said in a statement.

Wilcox and Scott were fined for separate incidents in separate games Friday.

Wilcox was fined for making an obscene gesture toward fans at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia in Friday’s 95-94 overtime loss. The incident occurred during a timeout with 8:47 left in the fourth quarter.

Scott was fined for public criticism of officials made after Cleveland’s 91-73 loss at Minnesota.

“It was that bad. It really was. It was that bad,” Scott said. “I mean I understand we’re playing in Minnesota, but 35-9, we went to the basket just as much as they did. I think we had 38 attempts in the paint to their 34, we get nine free throws, I think that speaks for itself.

All fines were announced by NBA executive vice President of basketball operations Stu Jackson


Tweet of the Day: Chris Wilcox

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As was alluded to in last night’s blog, tragedy struck Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale and his family over the weekend.

The news came two weeks after he took a leave of absence from the Rockets bench citing “personal reasons.”

His daughter, Alexandra “Sasha” McHale, passed away at the early age of 23 from lupus.

Chris Wilcox, a backup power forward for the Boston Celtics sent his condolences via Twitter on Tuesday.

My heart goes out to Kevin McHale and his family. Losing someone close from Lupus is a tragedy. #CruelMystery
Chris Wilcox

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