Bernucca: Rooting for the Celtics to beat Heat, preserve an “unbreakable” record


I will be rooting for the Boston Celtics against the Miami Heat tonight. Having been a Philadelphia 76ers fan for nearly four decades, that’s a pretty big deal. Usually there are only three circumstances that can get me to throw my allegiance behind a team I have despised for as long as I’ve watched the NBA. 1. By winning, the Celtics would beat a team whose loss would help the 76ers. 2. By winning, the Celtics would get a tougher playoff opponent. 3. By winning, the


Where Are They Now? From Taurean Green to Andres Nocioni


Welcome, everyone, to Where Are They Now? With another week in the books, we’re back again with another crop of yesteryear’s stars and their current whereabouts. In recent weeks, we’ve covered everyone from Stephon Marbury and Tracy McGrady to Jonathan Bender and Acie Law IV. In other words, we have no limits or bounds in where we must look or who we need to find. So who are the players in this week’s Where Are They Now? Let’s get underway and find


Where Are They Now? From Sean May to Marcus Fizer

where r they

Welcome to the third edition of “Where Are They Now?” Thus far, in Edition I and Edition II, we’ve hunted down the likes of Juan Dixon, Tracy McGrady, Gerry McNamara, Gilbert Arenas and many, many more. For those wanting more (and I thank you for your suggestions via Twitter), we’re back with a brand new crop of players. From college stars to ex-NBA standouts, we’ve found some of the top ballers of their time. So where are they now? [Read more…]