Warriors, Clippers Exciting Game 1 Reactions

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The NBA Playoffs have started.

The first game of the day on Saturday saw the Toronto Raptors give the Brooklyn Nets a 1-0 lead in the series between the 3- and 6- seeds in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors committed 17 turnovers in a seven-point 94-87 loss. It was a physical contest, marred by 42 total fouls.

However, if you thought the officials let loose with the whistles in the first game, you may have missed the second game.

Game 2 of the day featured the Golden State Warriors in Staples Center to face the 3-seed Los Angeles Clippers—two teams that don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. The officials were all over the place, with four players having three or more fouls in the first half. Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala were both limited to 19 and 20 minutes respectively, both fouling out in the fourth quarter.

There were 51 total fouls called in the Western Conference showdown that saw Golden State walk away with a 109-105 victory. For as many calls that were made, there was plenty of physical play—much of which could have merited another blown whistle.

A prime example of a non-call, Chris Paul’s sixth and final turnover, which enabled Harrison Barnes to, in turn, get fouled and make 1-of-2 free throws to stretch the Warriors’ lead to three. Paul was clearly fouled by Draymond Green as he rounded the elbow, the resulting contact caused him to lose control of the ball as it went out of bounds.

Over the course of the final 13 seconds, Golden State missed 3-of-4 free throw attempts, Los Angeles just couldn’t capitalize. It was a compelling and exciting game to watch.

Many in and around the league were watching as well.

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Sprung: The evolution of John Wall begins with his jump shot

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After his team’s second win in three nights in the city of New York, John Wall was dressed impeccably in the visitors’ locker room, down to his $1,100 Red Bottom shoes, which elicited gawks and compliments from players and onlookers alike. But one thing was missing to complete his look: his gray bow tie. Unable to get help from teammates, Wall said the final piece to his outfit would have to wait.

JOhnWallSH1Wall seems to be as dedicated to his performance on the court as he is to his fashion, but his game, just like his postgame outfit, is incredibly impressive, yet still seems to have a piece or two missing.

Tweet of the Day: Mo Williams

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Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate this festive holiday.

To those who don’t: “Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or NBA Day.”

One of the best things about Christmas Day (December 25th) is that the NBA is the only major sport on television in the US.

Christmas day is a basketball fan’s refuge, with five games featuring marquee teams.

This Christmas, while the first game was a blowout (with Boston Celtics prevailing over the Brooklyn Nets), the following two games (Los Angeles Lakers/New York Knicks and Miami Heat/Oklahoma City Thunder) have both been exciting and entertaining.

For as enthralling as the games have been, two commercials have taken stolen some of the attention away from the feature presentation.

By now, if you’ve been watching NBA games on Christmas, you’ve seen the Chris Paul commercial for State Farm. If now, watch below.

Yet another clever use of an alter ego (of sorts) in an advertising campaign. [As you'll recall, Pepsi Max came out with Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) earlier in 2012.]

The Twitter interplay is also comical.

Star Sighting in LA. Just ran into @! Friends say we look alike... I don’t really see it. #JustSayin
Cliff Paul

Finding out you have a twin brother in the NBA can be summed up in one word. #Twinsanity @
Cliff Paul

Just found out I'm a twin! Merry Christmas to me and my bro @ #SepratedAtBirth
Chris Paul

Although, probably the funniest of Cliff Paul’s tweets is this one:

So does this make @ the 2nd all-time Pelicans assist leader? Hope so, loving the name change.
Cliff Paul

It’s funny to think that either Cliff doesn’t realize that Chris now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, not the Hornets/Pelicans (although he maintains that achievement), or that he truly is enamored with the choice to change the name to the Pelicans.

The other commercial featured Kevin Durant in a plug for Sprint.

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