NBA Players React to Trade Deadline Deals


The NBA trade deadline usually brings a lot of activity with it each year. Thursday, however, there was a surplus of trade activity. It almost seemed as if, if there was a deal to be done, it was done. If you’re looking for the details of the trades, our own Chris Sheridan broke down the trade deadline activity earlier this afternoon.. [Sheridan: Analyzing Thursday’s Trade Deadline Deals — Sixers Win] If you want to know what the players were thinking as the deals


Tweet of the Day: NBA Finals Game 1 Anticipation From Around the League


Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs tips Thursday night at 9:00 PM. If you’re looking forward to watching it in hopes of getting some exciting NBA action, you’re not alone. After last year’s Finals that featured two amazing finishes—Tony Parker’s bank shot to secure a four-point victory in Game 1 or Ray Allen’s three-point shot, perhaps the shot heard round the world, in Game 6 to force overtime, everyone is hoping for


SH Blog: Josh Smith takes offense at being benched; Cheeks says he and Smith are “fine”

Josh Smith

Watching the NBA games on Christmas, my brother turned to me and asked why the teams were all dressed like that. I told him that the NBA does special uniforms on Christmas, and the sleeves are so people can buy them as shirts and the NBA makes more money. He responded: “okay, but why the big logos?” I didn’t have an answer. I still don’t. All I can think is they were trying to copy the Warriors’ design. That got me thinking: are


SH Blog: Trey Burke breaks index finger; Adelman frustrated with Wolves


Up here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving weekend. So to all the Canadians reading Sheridan Hoops, happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey and stuffing and whatever else. I know I will, but that’s tomorrow. Today, I’ve got a whole bunch of injury news for you guys. Tops on that list is Trey Burke’s hand injury. Burke was tipped as a strong ROY contender starting on draft day, but now he looks in danger of missing significant time. This looked like a transitional year


Tweet of the Night: Jeremy Lin

James Harden Jeremy Lin

Crazyyyy energy from the fans tonight!! Bittersweet night...gonna really miss my bros @ @ @ and TD
Jeremy Lin
75 combined points from Jeremy Lin and James Harden against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. 122-119 victory for the Houston Rockets. Something would be terribly wrong if the fans weren’t amped up from a performance of that magnitude, against opponents of that caliber, from two of their brightest stars. Check out one of Harden’s impressive buckets below:


Bernucca: At $100 million, Deron Williams may be damaged goods


Let’s, for a moment, put aside some of the perceptions about Deron Williams.  Let’s forget that he eats coaches like they are M&M’s. Let’s dismiss that he complains about everything from set offenses to background lighting in arenas. Let’s overlook that he took a little too much enjoyment in swinging the sledgehammer of free agency.


SH Blog: Time will tell who won the Harden-Martin trade


The big trade between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets shook the basketball world on Saturday evening. Ever-so-close to the pinnacle last season, the Thunder were supposed to bring back third musketeer James Harden to compete for the Western Conference championship and NBA Finals this season and for many more to come. And then… Poof! Voila! Vamoose! Harden is 445 miles south in Houston with his ex-Thunder teammates Lazar Hayward, Daequan Cook and Cole Aldrich. Kevin Martin, his expiring $12 million


Fantasy Fallout: James Harden and Kevin Martin Trade

Kevin Martin crop

Wow, a true blockbuster trade. James Harden is a Houston Rocket. I’m happy to let experienced NBA journalist Chris Bernucca explain why (short version: money) and declare a real-life winner, but in the world of fantasy hoops, Harden just got even better. No longer a sixth man and third banana, he’s the focal point. Minutes will increase from 31 last year to at least 35, while his production in the counting stats should rise accordingly. Kevin Martin will join the Oklahoma