Breaking Down Sports Ticket Prices In Dallas

Despite a collaborative 36 franchise playoff appearances between the Rangers and Cowboys, the city of Dallas has not been home to an MLB or NFL championship since the Cowboys’ Super Bowl XXX win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1995. The Rangers, who have made the playoffs six times since the team’s inception as the Washington Senators in 1961, have never won a World Series championship, losing both franchise appearances in 2010 and 2011. The Cowboys have made the playoffs 30


Tweet of the Day: NBA Players Excited For NFL Draft


Among professional sports in America, the National Football League reigns supreme, but one would like to think that playoffs for any of the other major sports would be more important than the first round of another league’s draft. Apparently not. ESPN, which holds the broadcast rights to Thursday’s NBA playoff games, also hosts the NFL’s draft. Guess which show got top billing? Football’s offseason. Game 2 in Miami will be broadcast on ESPN 2, while 32 former college athletes will sit around


Hubbard: Of Cowboys, Lakers and Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss is playing a different brand of poker with the Lakers

When the NBA lockout was announced in the summer of 2011, I was driving the streets of Dallas and checking out the three sports radio stations in the area. I listened briefly to each one to get their take on the major news of the day and then called my basketball cohort Mike Monroe in San Antonio. “Guess what the three sports radio stations are discussing?” I said. “Not the lockout?” wondered Monroe. “Hardly.” “Well then what?” “Two of the three are in animated discussions