Five Things to Watch: New Orleans Pelicans


A lot can change in just under five months. Just ask the basketball fans of New Orleans. They really needed change after what went on last season. The 2012-2013 season was dark and gloomy for NOLA hoops. The team finished 14th in the Western Conference at 27-55, with an 11-30 road record that was also 14th in the conference. The team had trouble scoring (more on that later) and winning intraconference games. Its record against West teams was 15-37, good for


Evening News: Odom hires O.J. Simpson’s attorney; Mavericks tried to reacquire Barea this summer

Lamar Odom

In today’s news out of Los Angeles, Lamar Odom is building quite the legal team to defend his DUI arrest from last week. Also, rumors out of Dallas suggest that the Mavericks explored the possibility of reacquiring J.J. Barea earlier in the summer. Odom hires O.J. Simpson’s lawyer reports that Lamar Odom has turned to O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, to negotiate a plea deal for last week’s DUI arrest in Los Angeles.   Odom was arrested early Friday morning after driving


Five Things To Watch: Dallas Mavericks


After the high of winning the 2011 NBA championship, it didn’t take the Dallas Mavericks long to tumble back down. Between the much-publicized decision to let most of the championship team go, and the subsequent failure to obtain a top-tier free agent, Dallas is treading water – not quite ready to go under but with no real rescue in sight. This offseason, the Mavericks rolled the dice and brought in an eclectic combination of players through free agency that left much of


StatBox Breakdown: Chalmers, Lowry, Turner among players facing make-or-break seasons


Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner, which means most of you are either holding tightly to the last vestiges of summer or getting ready for the beginning of football season. Then there are those of you who are aching and longing for the beginning of the NBA season. You, we like. We write articles like this for you. If you missed Part 1 of our players with make-or-break seasons, take the time to read it, then come back here for


Could the Mavericks’ new backcourt be their ace in the hole?

Dirk Nowitzki

It has been a busy off-season in Dallas. The Mavericks have been in a state of limbo since winning the 2011 NBA Finals. Now, they’re trying to start over from scratch again. First, they tried to lure in Chris Paul. When that didn’t pan out, they went after Dwight Howard but again, no dice. Despite the off-season setbacks, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has nonetheless managed to bring in some additional offensive firepower to help keep the heat off of aging


Bernucca: The 10 Worst Offseason Free Agent Signings

Kyle Korver

Whenever the NBA and the Players Association negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, the media – including Sheridan Hoops – goes to great lengths to understand and explain its rules, exceptions and nuances. But since the first wave of players began making the jump from high school to the NBA in the mid-1990s, the premise of every new CBA could be summed up in six words: To save the owners from themselves. Restraint never has been the collective strength of NBA owners. In