Tweet of the Night: Damian Lillard reacts to a clip of Vinny Del Negro writing off the Blazers on NBATV

Damian Lillard

Since the beginning of the season, Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers have been all about being written off by the media. No one thought the Blazers would come anywhere near making the playoffs, let alone being a top five team in the Western Conference. Lillard, who has clearly had an All-Star season, wasn’t voted in by the coaches to be at All-Star weekend. Naturally, there aren’t too many outside of Portland who believes the Blazers have any shot at moving past


Sheridan: My Season-Ending Awards Ballot


I always wait until the final game of the NBA season is in the books before handing in my postseason awards ballot, and the reason is twofold: If the deadline is not until Thursday afternoon, what’s the hurry? (This is how journalists work when it comes to deadlines. Most of us, anyway.) The second is because you always want to wait and see if something happens on the final night of the season to change either your ballot or your


MVP Rankings, Edition IX: Curry Wins … in NCAAs

Villanova shot

The team that passed on Stephen Curry oh so many years ago got beaten in the NCAA championship game by what else? A 3-pointer. You have to believe the folks at Davidson, especially one particular ex-student, took a little extra gratification from Kris Jenkins’ title-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer that lifted Villanova over North Carolina. Because it was Davidson, you may recall, that benefited most from the decisions by North Carolina and Duke to take a pass on the player who