SH Blog: David Stern Retires, Passes Torch to Adam Silver; Pacers Want Bynum; Taj Gibson on the Trade Block? Rondo Interested by Free Agency

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SternNewserSaturday marks the end of one of the NBA’s most profound era’s.

Not the “Jordan” era.

Not the “LeBron” era.

Saturday, February 1st marks the end of the “David Stern” era. 

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Heisler: David Stern, the MJ of NBA commissioners, Calls it an Era


SternLeavingAs it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end, an NBA without David Stern, amen.

It’s true. There is going to be an NBA without its commissioner of the last 30 years, who’s handing over his axe, er, stepping down in favor of Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver on Feb. 1.

It just won’t seem like the NBA, though.

Not that the league won’t continue on its merry way. The stars will still be stars. The league will continue to fine anyone for any protest stronger than an eye roll.

Without Stern, the NBA would still have its lore (Mikan’s horn rims, Wilt’s tank tops, Russell’s goatee, Red’s cigars, West’s 60-foot shot, Willis limping out). There would have been a revival in the ‘80s with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and a heyday in the ‘90s with Michael Jordan.

Nevertheless, the NBA wouldn’t be close to what it is now.

Tweet Of The Night: Mark Cuban Reacts to $100,000 fine

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Mark_Cuban_2011Hours after it was reported that Mark Cuban would be receiving a fine from the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks owner took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the matter.

Never one to bite his tongue, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cuban chose to comment on the issue.

As he took to social media upon hearing of the $100,000 fine, Cuban hinted that this would not be the last time he would be getting penalized by NBA officials.

Mark Cuban draws a $100,000 fine

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Mark_Cuban_2011Mark Cuban said he wanted to get fined one more time by commissioner David Stern before the old man steps down.

Mission accomplished.

The NBA socked the Dallas Mavericks owner with a $100,000 fine Saturday for confronting the officials and directing inappropriate language at them following the Mavericks’ 129-127 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at Staples Center.

Cuban has been fined 20 times, including 14 for criticizing officials. The penalties have added up to nearly $1.9 million, and Cuban matches each of the penalties with a donation to charity.

During the game in question, the Mavs blew a 15-point lead in the final 5 1-2 minutes. The officials working the game were Ron Garretson, Leroy Richardson and Karl Lane.

May: How David $how Me The Money $tern Ruined the NBA


These fans are sitting in what used to be press row at Madison Square Garden

David Stern never really cared about the people who did more to publicize his product than any other group: the NBA beat writers for the daily newspapers, and later, for the major Web sites.

Stern pretended to evince a modicum of interest in his meetings with us, which came a couple times during the year. He’d listen, then basically ignore everything he heard. Our plight, whether it was floor seating, access to practice or player availability, never seemed to coalesce with the overall mission in his supposedly visionary mind.

That did, and still does, seem wholly inconsistent with someone who supposedly loved the game. Why wouldn’t he go out of his way to support the very people who, for the first half of his 30-year tenure, were the only day-to-day source of NBA information? He didn’t. I never understood that.