Bernucca: Here’s Some Changes Adam Silver Should Make


Adam Silver is in a tough spot. Silver became the NBA’s fifth commissioner on Saturday. He follows David Stern, whose 30 years as the league’s top executive likely will be unmatched by anyone in any sport. Silver begins his term without facing a major problem that needs immediate fixing or a hot-button issue that requires immediate attention. With TV contracts running through 2016, labor peace assured until at least 2017 and most of the top stars in their 20s, the NBA is


SH Blog: Kyrie Irving is irritating his teammates; Heat aren’t bothered by Pacers adding Bynum


You could be forgiven for not thinking too much about basketball today. With the Super Bowl taking all of the sports-related attention, and only one game (and that Orlando-Boston) on the schedule, it’s one of the quietest days of the NBA season, right up there with Christmas Eve. I, on the other hand, would not be forgiven if I didn’t think too much about basketball, because it’s my job to bring you the latest news from around the NBA every weekend.


Tweet of the Day: NBA World Thanks David Stern


David Stern called it quits today. Over 30 years and billions of dollars later, it’s hard to deny the impact he had on the NBA. Stern grew the league to new heights. When he became commissioner in 1984, annual revenue of the league was $165 million, today it’s more than $5.5 billion. When he started, the average player salary was a mere $290,000, currently it’s $5.15 million. He had help along the way. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and LeBron


Heisler: David Stern, the MJ of NBA commissioners, Calls it an Era


As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end, an NBA without David Stern, amen. It’s true. There is going to be an NBA without its commissioner of the last 30 years, who’s handing over his axe, er, stepping down in favor of Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver on Feb. 1. It just won’t seem like the NBA, though. Not that the league won’t continue on its merry way. The stars will still be stars. The league will continue to


Tweet Of The Night: Mark Cuban Reacts to $100,000 fine

Hours after it was reported that Mark Cuban would be receiving a fine from the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks owner took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the matter. Never one to bite his tongue, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cuban chose to comment on the issue. As he took to social media upon hearing of the $100,000 fine, Cuban hinted that this would not be the last time he would be getting penalized by NBA officials.


Mark Cuban draws a $100,000 fine


Mark Cuban said he wanted to get fined one more time by commissioner David Stern before the old man steps down. Mission accomplished. The NBA socked the Dallas Mavericks owner with a $100,000 fine Saturday for confronting the officials and directing inappropriate language at them following the Mavericks’ 129-127 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, Jan. 15, at Staples Center. Cuban has been fined 20 times, including 14 for criticizing officials. The penalties have added up to nearly $1.9 million, and