Chris Bernucca’s Postseason Award Choices

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Image.AdamSilverTransparency is a two-way street.

For years, NBA media members – echoing the sentiments of its passionate fan base – wanted more transparency from Commissioner David Stern and his executive staff. Whether it was a lottery drawing, a suspension in the playoffs or a referee scandal, folks felt like they were entitled to an explanation. And they were.

Stern grudgingly came around. He arranged for the media to meet with referees prior to the season about rules changes. He allowed the media into the lottery drawing. He okayed press releases that admitted, Yes, we blew that call.

Since replacing Stern as commissioner less than three months ago, Adam Silver has taken the NBA’s transparency up a notch. He declared that there will be an open dialogue about officiating and is walking the walk by making internal memos available to the media.

But Silver is getting something back, too. At All-Star Weekend this year, the media presented the notion of transparency with regard to how its members vote on postseason awards, and the commissioner bought in. 

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Bernucca: Handing Out Our Midseason Awards


Martin Luther King Day is more than  a day of celebration and reflection for the NBA, which probably has done MLKmore positive things for race relations than any other sport in the Civil Rights Era.

It also has become the unofficial midway point of the season. By the completion of Monday’s action, more than half of the league’s 30 teams will have played half their games.

With that in mind, we present our midseason awards with this reminder from the bookie of hopeless degenerate James Caan in the grossly underrated 1974 film The Gambler: They don’t give out no prizes at halftime.

However, with our midseason awards, we do give out snarky remarks.

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Tweet of the Night: Serge Ibaka congratulates Marc Gasol

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marcWe all know at this point that Grizzlies center Marc Gasol is this season’s Defensive Player of the Year, but how many were unsatisfied by the results?

Players will always be unhappy when their best defensive player doesn’t get the award, and some will go on record about it. Manu Ginobili openly wondered how Tim Duncan didn’t win, and Dwight Howard thought the results were funny. 

Tweet of the Day: Pau Gasol

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The NBA regular season awards continue to trickle out. The latest award, Defensive Player of the Year, was handed out Wednesday.

[Marc Gasol wins Defensive Player of the Year]

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol sent his younger brother, Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol, a congratulatory tweet after the news broke.

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Marc Gasol wins Defensive Player of the Year

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Marc GasolMemphis’ Marc Gasol, who anchored the league’s stingiest defense, is the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. Gasol becomes the first player in Grizzlies history to earn the honor.

His teammate, Tony Allen, who received my first-place vote (along with eight other first-place votes), finished fifth.

Gasol received 212 of a possible 1,089 points, including 30 first-place votes, from a panel of 121 sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada. Miami’s LeBron James (149 points, 18 first-place votes) and Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka (122 points, 14 first-place votes) finished second and third, respectively.

Players were awarded five points for each first-place vote, three points for each second-place vote and one point for each third-place vote received.

Gasol, one of only six players to average at least 1.5 blocks (1.7 bpg) and 1.0 steals (1.0 spg), led a Grizzlies defense that allowed a league-low 88.7 ppg during the regular season. According to, Gasol’s +5.4 score differential ranked second among NBA centers; additionally, Memphis enjoyed a +7.5 score differential when Gasol was on the court compared with -3.9 when he was on the bench.



PLAYER             TEAM        1st Place    2nd Place     3rd Place   Total Points

Marc Gasol         Memphis         30             16                 14                    212

LeBron James          Miami                     18                   15                       14                          149

Serge Ibaka               Oklahoma City   14                   15                          7                         122

Joakim Noah            Chicago                 13                    10                       12                         107

Tony Allen                Memphis                 9                    15                       12                         102

Tim Duncan              San Antonio        11                    11                          6                           94

Larry Sanders          Milwaukee             4                    18                       16                           90

Paul George              Indiana                    8                      2                        11                           57

Andre Iguodala       Denver                     5                      3                         9                           43

Roy Hibbert             Indiana                    3                       5                         6                           36

Chris Paul                  L.A. Clippers         2                       2                         3                           19

Avery Bradley         Boston                     2                       1                          2                           15

Tyson Chandler      New York               0                      3                         2                            11

Dwight Howard       L.A. Lakers            1                       0                         4                             9

Luol Deng                  Chicago                   1                       0                          1                             6

Dwyane Wade         Miami                       0                      1                         1                              4

Trevor Ariza           Washington            0                      1                         0                              3

Jimmy Butler          Chicago                    0                      1                         0                              3

Kenneth Faried      Denver                      0                     1                         0                              3

Russ Westbrook    Oklahoma City      0                     1                         0                              3

Mike Conley            Memphis                  0                     0                        1                               1