Five Things To Watch: Utah Jazz


Generations of fans know the Utah Jazz as a model of stability. They were raised on Hall of Famers John Stockton and Karl Malone, coach Jerry Sloan and super significant owner Larry H. Miller, the rock of the franchise. Miller kept the team together, mended issues with coaches and players and even took financial risks to purchase the team. When Miller died in 2009, the franchise slowly lost all the stability he imparted to it as the sole owner. It truly fell apart


Sheridan: Al Jefferson to Spurs?


The NBA trade deadline journalism racket is a tricky minefield to navigate. The business is driven by rumors, many of which are founded in truth, others of which are utterly fictitious. Distinguishing between the two differentiates the good basketball Web sites from the bad sites. But figuring out who is available is not rocket science if you speak to the right people, and I speak to a lot of plugged-in people on a regular basis. Here is the latest they are telling me:


SH Blog: Utah Jazz acquire new GM, former player Dan Roundfield died trying to save wife

DeJuan Blair

You know transactions in the NBA have drastically slowed down when Louis Amundson is the top free-agent interest of the day, with all due respect. Luckily, there are some other interesting news from around the league that you can find below, along with some sad news:Dennis Lindsey is officially the new general manager of the Utah Jazz, according to Brian T. Smith. Here is a brief history on Lindsey: “Sixteen years after taking a pay cut just so he could trade


Bernucca: Thunder among teams with GM, coach decisions


Right now, the Oklahoma City Thunder are trying to figure out how to get three more wins over the Miami Heat and claim the NBA championship. Whether they can do that remains to be seen. But once the Finals are over, the Thunder will have another issue on their hands – putting a coach in place for next season. Thunder coach Scott Brooks does not have a contract for next season. And while a trip to the NBA Finals makes it seem