Photo of the Day: Happy New Year’s Eve!

Dennis Scott NYE

It’s New Year’s Eve, and 2014 is just hours away from being over. It’s time for those New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and be a better person, among several other things that usually don’t last past February. But if you’re true to your resolutions, good for you. It’s a great time to work on yourself and get the year started on a good note. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: NBA TV Hosts Getting Weird

DScott Barry Feature

NBA TV hosts Dennis Scott and Brent Barry seem to have a good time while they’re on set. Actually, we know they have a good time because they have an awesome job. How could you not enjoy that? Dennis Scott, the former Orlando Magic guard, is always posting pictures of himself and his colleagues from the set of the show. Monday was no different, and the photos were pretty entertaining. [Read more…]


NBA Draft Combine Not Needed, Wiggins Creates His Own Buzz

While all but two other high-profile NBA draft prospects run drills in Chicago for the 2014 NBA Draft Combine, Kansas Jayhawks freshman phenom Andrew Wiggins has found his own way of creating buzz heading into this year’s draft. The internet. Doing standard fitness drills for P3 Applied Sports Science, Wiggins vertical leap results were quite impressive. A photo, posted to Instagram, has since drawn all sorts of reactions on the social media sphere. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: NBA Game Time Crew Gets Down On Diesel’s Dunks

Diesel's Top 10

A great many people in this world dislike, perhaps even loathe, their jobs. Some people enjoy their jobs; some enjoy them a little too much. Around the NBA, the latter is far too common—especially among those who work for NBA Game Time on NBA TV. In anticipation for Diesel’s Dunks, the top-10 dunks of the week segment, hosts Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Scott and Vince Cellini seemed to be having a blast off camera—as can be seen from their Instagram videos.  [Read more…]


Tweet of the Day: John Hollinger, Dennis Scott ATL Weather Travel Report


This winter has been disastrous—if you live in the south and are unaccustomed to snow, ice and temperatures below freezing. The polar vortex has been causing cold fronts that have been much more intense than any in recent years past. Pax, the most recent winter storm to pass through the east coast and make its way to the southern states, has hit hard. There is less snow in some areas than the last storm, but more ice. The ice has caused


Bernucca: No extensions will be best thing for Bledsoe, Vasquez


When the deadline for contract extensions came and went Thursday night, point guards Eric Bledsoe and Greivis Vasquez didn’t get paid. But don’t shed any tears for them. Because when the summer rolls around, they will get their money. And it might be GMs Ryan McDonough of Phoenix and Pete D’Alessandro of Sacramento who are crying. As reluctant as McDonough and D’Alessandro may have been to pony up for point guards with plenty to prove, they should have done so. Both GMs are


Tweet of the Day: NBA Halloween [2013 Edition]


Thursday brought with it Halloween, possibly most children’s favorite day of the year. While it isn’t recognized as a national holiday of any sort—people still have to work and pay taxes, it is a day of fun for nearly everyone. For most families, this means dressing kids in costumes and parading around the neighborhood searching for candy. For NBA players (active and retired), it’s no different. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Dennis Scott prays to God about Stephen Curry’s stroke


Spicy Curry just hit a sick corner Jumper! Lord Have Mercy!
What NBATV analyst Dennis Scott said about Stephen Curry is what most of the Denver Nuggets players were probably saying in their heads on Tuesday night. With David Lee out for the remainder of the season due to a torn hip flexor, it was up all up to All-Star guard (at least in my book and most others) Curry to carry the extra load for the Golden State Warriors. This was the only way they were going to have a