SH Blog: SVG says Wall not good enough to build franchise around, STAT never learned defense


If there is one thing former Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is great at doing (aside from coaching), it’s that he is never afraid to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth. Sometimes it gets him into trouble, as was the case when he infamously revealed that Dwight Howard tried to get him fired last season, but troubles be damned. If your team is great, he will tell you just that. If your team is bad, boy, will he let


Bauman: Eight NBA New Years Resolutions


First things first: Happy New Year to the roundball-obsessed! We hope you enjoyed ringing in 2013 and that you continue to enjoy our work here at Sheridan Hoops throughout the year. To begin 2013, we have compiled resolutions for 8 teams. Without further ado, here are some adjustments/subtle changes teams will need to make to build upon the first two months of the 2012-13 season.


Bernucca: At $100 million, Deron Williams may be damaged goods


Let’s, for a moment, put aside some of the perceptions about Deron Williams.  Let’s forget that he eats coaches like they are M&M’s. Let’s dismiss that he complains about everything from set offenses to background lighting in arenas. Let’s overlook that he took a little too much enjoyment in swinging the sledgehammer of free agency.