SH Blog: Korver to re-sign with Hawks, Evans agrees to sign offer sheet with Pelicans

Kyle Korver

What do you do when you have a life-altering decision to make? Some decide to air that decision live on ESPN (and get destroyed for it for years to come). Others decide to get away from things for a while to clear their minds. Dwight Howard has chosen to go with the latter and disappear for a little while to help him come up with the decision that will alter the look of many teams come next season. Details of what took


Ladewski: Bulls should pursue Al Jefferson in sign-and-trade


CHICAGO – After the hated Miami Heat bounced his team from the playoffs earlier this week, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found at the team’s practice facility. Once again, he left coach Tom Thibodeau and a few of his battered, beaten teammates to answer questions about his decision to sit out the entire 2012-13 season. Then again, some things are best left unsaid. For Team Try Hard, it was a season of sprained body parts and unfulfilled promise, one


SH Blog: Phil Jackson compares Kobe and MJ, Noah says seeing Rose not come back was difficult

Derrick Rose

For quite some time, there was an ongoing debate about whether Kobe Bryant deserves to be in the same conversation as Michael Jordan in terms of overall play and greatness. It’s still discussed by some to this day. One person that would really have a concrete idea of the matter is Phil Jackson, who coached both players and saw the best and worst of the two in their respective prime. He, however, never wanted to get into great detail when comparing the


SH Blog: Pierce Done In Boston? Curry Stars On And Off The Court; LeBron Open About 2010 “Phantom” Injury

Paul Pierce

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm. And for Paul Pierce, leader of the “old man’s pick-up game,” that adage will define his career as one of the greatest Boston Celtics in its storied history. This is not to begin mourning the death of his Celtics life, but to understand what it all meant if reports today from Greg Dickerson are true. 


SH Blog: Raptors, Sixers decide on GMs; Hollins declines credit for stopping Durant


The Warriors knocked off the Spurs today to knot their series back up, 2-2. And they did it with Steph Curry on a balky ankle. Tomorrow night, the Thunder and Bulls will try to even up their series as well. If you know who’s going to win each of these series, you could probably make a fortune. The NBA future is about as unclear as it ever gets right about now. For a couple teams, though, the future is getting a


Hubbard: History suggests Rose critics should be careful


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the controversy engulfing Derrick Rose is that he has been supported by the majority of journalists who expressed an opinion. (For example, here.) That’s not to say his continued absence from the Bulls’ lineup has been universally endorsed. Some have ventured into the dangerous territory of suggesting that Rose should be playing after undergoing surgery on his left ACL, and certainly the Bulls encouraged such criticism in March when they announced that Rose had been