Schayes: When Stars Go Down With Injuries, It Ain’t Good


Kyrie Irving spent a piece of New Year’s Day having an MRI performed on his knee. He went down against the Indiana Pacers yesterday, and he said he “heard something pop.” That’s usually not good, although the MRI revealed a mere contusion, meaning 2013 did not end with yet another potential landscape-altering injury. Al Horford? Out for the season, joining Derrick Rose and Brook Lopez. Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant? See you after the All-Star Game — if your rehabs go according to


SH Blog: Dragic says Hornacek is “a great coach”; Horford unlikely to return for playoffs

Jeff Hornacek Suns

The Andrew Bynum news is dominating the NBA today. Of course, this big news would break on a day I spent a good portion of in the car, driving from my grandparents’ place in New York to my parents’ house in Baltimore. So if you, like me, are still playing catch-up, here’s the basics: The Cavs suspended Bynum indefinitely for “conduct detrimental to the team” and it looks like he’s played his last game for Cleveland. There’s murmurs that Bynum just flat


LeBron James is still the king of jersey sales


The NBA’s reigning MVP, LeBron James of the Miami Heat, retains the No. 1 spot on the league’s top-selling jerseys list. The list is based on overall sales from adidas and from October 2013 through December 2013 and reflects record-breaking holiday season jersey sales. had its largest Black Friday and Cyber Monday in history, with sales up double digits from 2012. Rounding out the top five are the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant (No. 2), the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick


SH Blog: Lakers considering trading Pau; Rose is worried about Bulls’ future


One year ago, the Knicks had the best record in the East and the second-best in the NBA. Today, they’re fighting to stay above the absolute bottom-feeders. So where do they go from here? Up is the only answer, right? Well, probably not too far up. Of the 16 teams that were in playoff position on December 14th last year, 14 made the playoffs. The only teams to crash the party were the Lakers and Rockets, who got the bottom two seeds in


SH Blog: Lowry wanted to be traded for much of the season, Woodson says he can win with any team


With the New York Knicks struggling to find any sort of consistency at the point guard position this season, they have reportedly been looking to trade for Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry. That would be a fantastic addition, as his presence would provide some toughness and generate some easier baskets for a team that relies so much on isolation plays. But what is the price of acquiring a guard of his caliber? Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports has the details


SH Blog: Rose refers to his doubters as fools, George Karl takes a jab at Anthony’s inability to win


It’s been well documented that the New York Knicks are an awful team this season. As it turns out, the Brooklyn Nets may be a notch worse than them after seeing the two teams duke it out on Thursday night. You know it’s bad when Andrea Bargnani is trash-talking to Kevin Garnett. Yes, that happened. The Knicks embarrassed the Nets on their own floor by 30 points and showed that they are at least capable of playing some semblance of team basketball.


Bernucca: Is LeBron Better than Jordan? Read This Before Answering

LeBron Rose

Remember that streak of games hot-shooting LeBron James put together last February? Well, he’s doing it again. Much earlier in the season. And for a longer stretch. And if he keeps it up, it will become historic. Because since the ABA-NBA merger, no wing player or point guard has scored this much while shooting this well. Not Dr. J. Not even Michael Jordan. Yes, really. Through the first month of the season, James is third in the league in scoring at 26.2 points per