Tweet of the Day: Kenneth Faried

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While Sunday played host to Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals in the NBA, the world of music was treated to hilarity.

Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards—which netted their highest ratings in 12 years—R&B singer Miguel attempted to platform jump over a group of fans during a performance. Needless to say, his jump did not end well. Additionally, hip hop fans were given behind-the-scenes pictures of Drake on the set of a forthcoming music video for his song, “No New Friends.”

Unfortunately for both Miguel and Drake, fans took to Instagram to demonstrate their photo-editing and comedic prowess using the music stars’ likenesses to make internet memes. Many people have gotten a good laugh at their expense.

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried showcases his favorite image.


Washington Wizards forward Chris Singleton took a nice shot at Miguel with his first tweet of the day.

Good mawnin, let's start today by leg dropping some one
Chris Singleton

Dallas Mavericks reserve center Bernard James was entertained enough to post eight pictures in two tweets.


Just found this one I'm dying over here! I know I'm late been in the gym all morning, finish and see…
Bernard James


My personal favorite has to be the one of Drake hitting the home run.


It’s almost believable. Almost.

Whatever their reasons for making the memes, one thing we can be sure of:  internet fans are hilarious.

Keep on doing what you do internet fans.

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Top five memories from 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

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LeBron James came into the weekend with the hype he’s built through the monstrous 60 percent, 30-point tear that he’d been on for nearly seven straight games.

Kevin Durant dropped (another) 30-spot: It was his third straight 30-point All-Star game.

Kobe Bryant made an timely, game-sealing block with the West up 134-126 and under 2:40 seconds to play in the game.

Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade each played a well-rounded game.

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