Tweet of the Night: Dwight Howard reminisces about his jumping ability from 2008 dunk contest

Dwight Howard Rockets sleeves

Once upon a time, Dwight Howard was the most devastating athlete in the NBA. He jumped out of the gym to block shots and dunk over anyone standing in his path. He is still one of the biggest forces to be reckoned with in the paint area, but the center simply hasn’t been the kind of freak leaper that he once was since suffering back issues and undergoing surgery to repair a herniated disk back in 2012.


Tweet of the Night: Roy Hibbert reveals what Paul George will do for the dunk contest


It was announced on Thursday that Indiana Pacers star Paul George would enter this year’s Slam Dunk contest along with John Wall, Damian Lillard, Terrence Ross, Harrison Barnes and Ben McLemore. George, who entered the contest back in 2012 as a second-year player still learning the ropes of being an NBA player, showed in the contest that he can dunk with the best of them. He converted his first attempt with an impressive dunk over 7’2″ teammate Roy Hibbert. His second


SH Blog: The Three-Man Weave, Week 2

What a first half of the season, huh? As we head into the break, the Three-Man Weave covers LeBron James’ remarkable run, what to look forward to during All-Star Weekend 2013 edition, and which teams may be poised for a second-half push that sneaks them into the postseason. Without further ado, the second edition of the Three-Man Weave: