Sheridan: Who Will Play For Team USA?

Durant USA

We have two pieces of news to pick apart today: The announcement that USA Basketball has released a list of 30 finalists for the 2016 Olympic team, and the “non-commitment” from LeBron James regarding whether he will be part of the party. And yes, it will be a party. The games are in Brazil, after all. And LeBron, whose non-commitment is disingenuous at best, does not miss a good party. So let me tell you a little story about the Brazilians. [Read more…]


Fantasy Spin: Butler, Cousins Pay Off For Daily Owners; Win $20K For $3

russell westbrook

Congratulations to everyone who keyed on Jimmy Butler $8700 and DeMarcus Cousins last night to win big at DraftKings. Also common to many of the highest-scoring eight-man lineups were Ish Smith and Robert Covington, but “hawks3312″ won $15,000 for $3 with the best production from his other four players (Tony Parker, Joakim Noah $5400, Trey Lyles and Julius Randle.) [Read more…]


DuBose: Howard stresses collaboration with Harden as Rockets show signs of life

Harden & Howard

HOUSTON — Dwight Howard wore a T-shirt depicting characters from the movie Step Brothers after Saturday night’s big win over the Los Angeles Clippers. When asked about it in the Rockets’ locker room at Toyota Center, Houston’s star center responded with his usual mix of jovial humor and brutal honesty: “This is Step Brothers,” Howard told the media while laughing. “Me and James [Harden].” In that movie, of course, stars Will Farrell and John C. Reilly often bicker before being forced to put aside their individual


Sheridan: Why Did Dwight Howard Call Me a Liar?

Dwight Howard interview

Dwight Howard called me a liar Tuesday night. He is mistaken. I wrote that Howard is very unhappy in Houston, and I stand by that report 100 percent. For the reasons why he is unhappy, and my best guess as to where he will finish the season (Miami), click over and give a read to my column. But back to the liar part. Howard was interviewed in Sacramento after the Rockets lost to the Kings, and the man asking the questions was Jonathan Feigen,