SH Blog: Gasol Stands His Ground In LA; Attorney Claims Perkins Is Innocent; Beasley Punches Self In Head

Pau Gasol

Right now, all the Lakers have is Pau Gasol. There is hope that Kobe Bryant will return early this season, but at age 37 and coming off a torn Achilles, the Black Mamba returning as his former self is no certainty. So as Gasol enters the final year of his contract with the Lakers, that precarious question has been asked: will Gasol take less money to help the Lakers improve next year? 


May: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season


Two significant things will happen this NBA season: David Stern will step down as commissioner, probably five years too late. And for the first time in 20 years, the 76ers, Celtics and Lakers all will be out of the playoffs. We know the first to be true. The second is pure conjecture, but it’s more likely than not that three of the top NBA franchises in terms of tradition, history, titles and outsized personalities will be booking trips to ping-pong festivities


Bernucca: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season

Kevin Durant

This is the time of year where everyone and their mothers offer up a series of fearless prognostications about the upcoming NBA season. Here’s what I can tell you about my skills at predicting the future. If I was really any good at it, I wouldn’t be wasting it on the NBA season. And neither would anyone else. I am not reading tea leaves, interpreting tarot cards, gazing into crystal balls, holding seances, poring over analytics or buying classified information on the


Tweet of the Day: NBA preseason in full swing


Ask any NBA fan what their two favorite months are, chances are you’ll get June for the NBA Finals and October for the beginning of the season. Today marked the first day of NBA basketball in over three months as several teams were in action. Although the regular season doesn’t begin until Oct. 29, fans are getting an early fix of basketball with four preseason games on Saturday. The Oklahoma City Thunder were first to play, squaring off against Fenerbahce Ulker in Istanbul,


SH Blog: D-Rose Suits Up; ‘Lob City’ No More; Kareem Bashes Dwight

Derrick Rose

The greatest mistake that you can make in life is to be continually fearing the one you might make. With all eyes on Derrick Rose this weekend, as he prepares to play his first game in 500-plus days, this familiar ethos can’t be how the former MVP approaches his return to the court. The last time we saw Rose play he was 23 years old and one season removed from becoming the NBA’s youngest MVP. Rose turned 25 today. 


NBA Rumors and News for October 4, 2013


Friday, October 4 Daily Trivia: Derrick Rose turns 25 today. When Rose was 18, he won the “Mr. Basketball” title for what state? Royce White stays home as Sixers travel to Europe Posted at 07:38 PM ET Royce White’s troubles may have started with the Sixers before even getting to play a game with them. As the Philadelphia 76ers travel to Europe to play against some of the top teams from overseas, White was visibly missing from the flight. He suffers from


Tweet of the Day: Steve Kerr Terrorstruck Over Dwight Howard’s Newfound Ability


Could the apocalypse be upon us? Or perhaps a deadly, fire breathing dragon? Probably not. However, those could be valid reasons as to why NBA on TNT commentator and analyst Steve Kerr might be freaking out on Twitter. The other reason, the real one, could potentially spell the end of NBA coaches’ Hack-A-Dwight strategies, and propel the Houston Rockets center, Dwight Howard, up into the top echelon of the NBA’s elite. What is the big deal?