SH Blog: D-Rose Suits Up; ‘Lob City’ No More; Kareem Bashes Dwight

Derrick Rose

The greatest mistake that you can make in life is to be continually fearing the one you might make. With all eyes on Derrick Rose this weekend, as he prepares to play his first game in 500-plus days, this familiar ethos can’t be how the former MVP approaches his return to the court. The last time we saw Rose play he was 23 years old and one season removed from becoming the NBA’s youngest MVP. Rose turned 25 today. 


NBA Rumors and News for October 4, 2013


Friday, October 4 Daily Trivia: Derrick Rose turns 25 today. When Rose was 18, he won the “Mr. Basketball” title for what state? Royce White stays home as Sixers travel to Europe Posted at 07:38 PM ET Royce White’s troubles may have started with the Sixers before even getting to play a game with them. As the Philadelphia 76ers travel to Europe to play against some of the top teams from overseas, White was visibly missing from the flight. He suffers from


Tweet of the Day: Steve Kerr Terrorstruck Over Dwight Howard’s Newfound Ability


Could the apocalypse be upon us? Or perhaps a deadly, fire breathing dragon? Probably not. However, those could be valid reasons as to why NBA on TNT commentator and analyst Steve Kerr might be freaking out on Twitter. The other reason, the real one, could potentially spell the end of NBA coaches’ Hack-A-Dwight strategies, and propel the Houston Rockets center, Dwight Howard, up into the top echelon of the NBA’s elite. What is the big deal?


Tweet of the Day: Daryl Morey leading Houston to greatness


The Houston Rockets have themselves a winner with general manager Daryl Morey. He’s been at the forefront for Houston in landing Dwight Howard in free agency and pulled off a trade to score James Harden. Morey now has a team that is in championship talks for the first time since he became GM in 2007. It’s quite obvious he’s loving the extra attention and is excited to get his two stars on the court together. Ok, that picture is amazing @JHarden13 @DwightHoward


Tweet of the Night: New Trend Among NBA Players: High School Football


Houston Rockets stars Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons made waves Thursday, when they attended a high school football game in Texas at the prompting of one of its players on Twitter. Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons seen standing at the front of the stands while watching a George Ranch High School football game. It seems that attending high school football games is becoming even more popular.