Bernucca: Ouch! Many Teams Banged Up as Playoffs Draw Near

Derrick Rose

Danilo Gallinari’s season-ending injury this week put the Denver Nuggets in a club whose membership seems to get larger every day. Playoff teams missing key players. There are very few teams who will be at full strength when the playoffs start two weekends from now. But two of those teams are last year’s NBA Finals combatants, which could make for a relatively mundane postseason.


Sheridan: 10 days left; 10 unanswered questions


The NBA is dark tonight. All eyes will be on Atlanta, where Louisville and Michigan will play for the NCAA national championship. So this gives us time to reflect … With 10 days remaining in the regular season, what are the 10 biggest unanswered questions from around the league?


SH Blog: Miller says Nuggets are more unselfish than past, Wall names eight PGs better than him

Andre Miller

Despite playing without anyone great enough to be considered a franchise-level player, or even an All-Star, for that matter, the Denver Nuggets sure have found a recipe for great success this season. Whether it’s youth, the selflessness of the players, or a collection of unique talents, George Karl – as he usually does – has made his team dominant to the tune of third best (51-24) in the Western Conference. Karl may not have a superstar to rely on as he once


Heisler: How Shaquille O’Neal Sees Dwight Howard


The Lakers retired Shaquille O’Neal’s number last night at Staples Center before going out and clobbering the Dallas Mavericks, putting some separation between themselves and one of their pursuers in the Western Conference playoff race. It is a new era now at the Staples Center, nearly a decade removed from when Shaq was the alpha dog of the Lakers.


Kamenetzky: Cali Report – Lakers alive, Griffin AWOL, Curry balling, Downtown Sacramento


With just a few weeks remaining in the regular season, the stakes couldn’t be any higher for California’s quartet of teams. The Clippers and Warriors are trying – with opposite results – to manufacture a roll heading into the playoffs, while the Lakers are scrambling just to qualify. Meanwhile, the Kings are simply trying to figure out where they will lay their heads next season. It’s always dramatic on the left coast, and this upcoming week should prove no exception. Here’s a look


Mighty Moke’s Free Agent Rankings (Version 5.0)

Nate Robinson

Busted brackets and baseball. That is what most sports fans are thinking about at the beginning of April. While the great majority of you guys and gals have been distraught over not correctly picking Wichita State to reach the NCAA’s Final Four, many have overlooked the fact that some of the NBA’s playoff races are getting more and more interesting with each passing week. And a bunch of our pending free agents have something to do with that. Josh Smith and his Atlanta