Hubbard: Lakers: We’ll Get ’em the Year After Next

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Regardless of any lingering disappointment, the offseason for many NBA teams is an uplifting time. Young players are drafted. Veteran free agents are signed. Trades are made. New coaches are hired. Teams with a strengthened core, like Brooklyn, are confident they have done everything possible to take the final step to win a title. Teams such as Oklahoma City and Chicago, who were limited by injuries, are optimistic that if healthy, championship dreams are realistic. Teams that have been building, like Cleveland, are


Tweet of the Night: Harrison Barnes appreciates Jon Hamm’s humor


Don Draper firing shots early lol — Harrison Barnes (@HBarnes) July 18, 2013 Jon Hamm, also known as Don Draper on the show “Mad Men”, hosted the 2013 ESPYS on Wednesday and immediately fired off some shots at some of the NBA players around the league as the show began. Hamm – a natural on stage – started off with Dwight Howard, saying that the center finally found a way to help the Los Angeles Lakers by leaving them for the Houston Rockets.


SH Blog: D’Antoni questions how Houston is better for Howard, Lakers want LeBron or Melo

Mike D'Antoni

When Dwight Howard left the Los Angeles Lakers and bolted to the Houston Rockets, we heard and saw the reactions of plenty – perhaps most notably from Kobe Bryant, who immediately unfollowed his former teammate on Twitter upon hearing the news. The one person most relevant to the situation that we’ve yet to hear from had been Mike D’Antoni, whose offense was cited as a critical reason for Howard’s desire for departure. So what did the coach think of his time


Tweet of the Day: NY Daily News’ Frank Isola lays into Knicks James Dolan


There’s always something with the New York Knicks. Some kind of drama. And, it doesn’t matter who the source is. Knicks’ drama finds its way onto the front page whether it is coming from the bottom or the top. That’s all part of the deal when you’re a marquee team playing in the biggest market in America. Knicks owner James Dolan is no novice to making headlines. New York Daily News’ Knicks beat writer Frank Isola has the Tweets. [Read more…]


SH Blog: J.R. Smith out for 3-4 months after patellar tendon surgery, Jennings to Detroit being discussed

JR Smith

Ever since reports surfaced that Metta World Peace would be amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers, his name has been tied to one team that has shown the greatest interest in attaining the forward: the New York Knicks. Although World Peace expressed interest in the idea of playing overseas in China for a while, he received an offer worth staying for from the Knicks and has agreed to join them on Monday. ESPN has details: [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Mark Cuban


After two full weeks of NBA free agency, the big names and big dollars continue to dwindle. Just ask SheridanHoops’ Mighty Moke — his free agent rankings have atrophied from 50 to 25, and have just turned to 24 as the Mavericks have come to terms with No. 2 on Moke’s list, Monta Ellis. According to ESPN Dallas: Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said in an email Saturday that Ellis has agreed to a three-year deal worth at least $25 million, according to


SH Blog: Knicks are strong favorites for Metta; Jennings likely to be signed-and-traded

Metta World Peace receives a warm "Thank You" from the Lakers.

The dog days of summer seem to be upon us. The main attraction in free agency (Dwight Howard) is over with, and with considerably less drama than we might have expected given the last couple years. Chris Paul stayed put, the Celtics and Jazz were gutted, the Nets and Clippers beefed up even more. There’s still a few players who aren’t sure where they’re going, most notably Brandon Jennings, but apart from a couple guys, everyone is just looking to


SH Blog: Kevin McHale is a big Kelly Olynyk fan; why did Kirilenko go to Brooklyn?


Hello and welcome to the Sheridan Hoops blog, where we round up the latest news and rumors from all around the NBA. This week, you are once again looking at my face (complete with that mustache I rocked for exactly one month) at the top of the column, after a one-week absence from the weekend blog slot. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Dwight Howard and Chandler Parsons were texting each other frequently. I remember this because it was in