Hubbard: For Howard, the Sacrifice is Less Greed


While Dwight Howard was meditating on the great mystery that was his future, NBA veterans were reminded of one of the tenets of free agency that comes in the form of a saying. It is a little raw, even for a writer-friendly site like this one, but to paraphrase, the saying is: “Easy women and greed are undefeated in the NBA.” To be fair, that is pretty much true for all sports, particularly as it relates to cash. Athletes often talk about


Mighty Moke’s Top 50 Free Agents — July 6 Update

Josh Smith is a good real-life player, but an even better Fantasy Contributor.

Smoove Takes the Motor City Traditionally, after the biggest of fish find themselves off of the market, the second and third tier quickly follow. On Friday, when it became common knowledge that Dwight Howard was headed to Houston, the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors rebounded quite nicely, agreeing to terms with Paul Millsap, Jose Calderon and Andre Iguodala, respectively. Now, just one day later, Andrew Bynum appears to be close to signing with the Mavericks, as


Tweet of the Night: Dwight Howard makes official announcement of his decision to play for Houston


Dwightmare. Dwecision. Whatever you want to call it, it’s officially over. After various conflicting reports throughout the day that had Dwight Howard flip-flopping back and forth between the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, the word finally came from the center himself that he has made the decision to go to the Rockets for the next four seasons, joining James Harden and company. Here is the tweet and his exact words: I’ve decided to become a member of the


Peter May called it: Houston was Best Choice for Dwight Howard


(Readers: This column was originally published on May 23. Nice to have sages like Peter May contributing to the site – CS.) It seems to me we are all missing the obvious here. Dwight Howard has absolutely no intention of re-signing with the Lakers. Why should he? Have you looked at that roster? Howard is entering what should be the prime of his career. He turns 28 in December. He is the only – and I mean ONLY – player on the


Mighty Moke’s Top 50 Free Agents — July 5 Update


Just about everyone is saying Dwight Howard has spurned the Los Angeles Lakers and joined the Houston Rockets – except Dwight Howard. The Dwecision – at least an official one – remains on hold, and the words “InDwecision” and “Dwightmare II” are making their way into the online lexicon. There is now word that Dwight will make his announcement via Twitter sometime this weekend – after saying he would make his decision Friday, of course – and the extremely reliable Sam Amick


Dwecision Day for Dwight? ESPN flying solo on Warriors angle

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The stories stopped popping about the same time the fireworks stopped exploding on the East Coast. And what do we have to start the day as we await Dwight Howard’s Dwecision?’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne, two of the best in the biz, would appear to be pushing the Dwight-to-Golden State angle hard if you merely glanced at’s home page or NBA page. That would leave them practically all alone in their current stance on the summer’s biggest free agency