Sheridan: Defending Dwight Howard’s Decision (PODCAST)


It seems there are more Dwight Howard haters out there this summer than there were three years ago when there were so many millions of LeBron James haters. Maybe that’s just because so much of the venom is coming from Los Angeles, where the fans are spoiled because no one ever leaves the Lakers. Players always want to join the Lakers. My opinion? STFU, haters. Dwight Howard is an American, and all Americans have a right to choose where they want to work.


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Winners & Losers July 11 Update


Most of the star players in free agency are now off the board, but there are still plenty of impact players to discuss in this updated version of the Free Agency Breakdown with unique analytic angles. We here at Sheridan Hoops will break everything down for you into bite sized Winners & Losers style pieces. The Houston Rockets, GM Daryl Morey and Dwight Howard were WINNERS after agreeing to a four-year deal worth $88 million to finally, mercifully, ending the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.


Tweet of the Night: Kobe Bryant breaks silence about Howard’s decision, reacts to news on Kaman and World Peace

Kobe Bryant

When Kobe Bryant learned that Dwight Howard made the decision to bolt to the Houston Rockets last Friday, his only reaction on twitter was this: Unfollow his former superstar center. Then came more news about the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday, when Kevin Ding of The O.C. Register reported that the team would use the amnesty provision on forward Metta World Peace. Perhaps just as importantly, the Lakers also agreed to sign center Chris Kaman to a one-year contract. With so many changes


SH Blog: Lakers to sign Kaman and amnesty World Peace; Bynum to Cavs? Warriors to acquire Speights

Andre Iguodala

When it was reported that Andre Iguodala agreed to sign with the Golden State Warriors last Friday, most assumed that the move was made by the front office with a bigger picture in mind: to lure super free agent Dwight Howard into joining the team. That didn’t quite pan out, obviously, which left plenty wondering if the Warriors really just gave up the rights to Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, as well as future draft picks all for the service of


Tweet of the Day: David Lee

Lakers' D12 marketing campaign as seen on Sunset Blvd.

After billboard signs, a team meeting and a Time Warner Cable presentation, the Los Angeles Lakers lost the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Howard chose to take his talents to H-Town, joining forces with James Harden the the Rockets. [Tweet of the Night: Dwight Howard makes official announcement of his decision to play for Houston] The Lakers—as a team—are moving on without the All-Star center. However, it appears that the Lakers’ PR and marketing staffs are not on the same page with basketball operations. Golden


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Houston and Golden State among the weekend’s big winners, Lakers, Mavs and Bucks lose out


While you were barbecuing, partying, working, relaxing or otherwise enjoying your extended July 4 weekend, a total of 14 teams made notable moves ranging from The Dwecision down to the smart or foolish signings of role players. And since we live in a country where instant gratification rules the day and short attention spans allows games like Candy Crush to reap $633,000 a day in revenue, we here at Sheridan Hoops will break everything down for you into bite sized Winners & Losers