Tweet of the Day: David Lee

Lakers' D12 marketing campaign as seen on Sunset Blvd.

After billboard signs, a team meeting and a Time Warner Cable presentation, the Los Angeles Lakers lost the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Howard chose to take his talents to H-Town, joining forces with James Harden the the Rockets. [Tweet of the Night: Dwight Howard makes official announcement of his decision to play for Houston] The Lakers—as a team—are moving on without the All-Star center. However, it appears that the Lakers’ PR and marketing staffs are not on the same page with basketball operations. Golden


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Houston and Golden State among the weekend’s big winners, Lakers, Mavs and Bucks lose out


While you were barbecuing, partying, working, relaxing or otherwise enjoying your extended July 4 weekend, a total of 14 teams made notable moves ranging from The Dwecision down to the smart or foolish signings of role players. And since we live in a country where instant gratification rules the day and short attention spans allows games like Candy Crush to reap $633,000 a day in revenue, we here at Sheridan Hoops will break everything down for you into bite sized Winners & Losers


Tweet of the Night: Chris Kaman


After a slow start to July, NBA free agents have started to drop like flies. We knew all along that the big names would cause a domino effect, this year more than ever. First Chris Paul (Clippers), than Dwight Howard (Rockets), Andre Igoudala (Warriors) and Josh Smith (Pistons). There are very few remaining “big-name” players available — see who’s left courtesy of SheridanHoops’ Mighty Moke — so one of the more established, veteran, yet under the radar players, Chris Kaman, is reminding


Hubbard: For Howard, the Sacrifice is Less Greed


While Dwight Howard was meditating on the great mystery that was his future, NBA veterans were reminded of one of the tenets of free agency that comes in the form of a saying. It is a little raw, even for a writer-friendly site like this one, but to paraphrase, the saying is: “Easy women and greed are undefeated in the NBA.” To be fair, that is pretty much true for all sports, particularly as it relates to cash. Athletes often talk about


Mighty Moke’s Top 50 Free Agents — July 6 Update

Josh Smith is a good real-life player, but an even better Fantasy Contributor.

Smoove Takes the Motor City Traditionally, after the biggest of fish find themselves off of the market, the second and third tier quickly follow. On Friday, when it became common knowledge that Dwight Howard was headed to Houston, the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors rebounded quite nicely, agreeing to terms with Paul Millsap, Jose Calderon and Andre Iguodala, respectively. Now, just one day later, Andrew Bynum appears to be close to signing with the Mavericks, as