Bernucca: Unlikely Clippers-Warriors rivalry heating up

There is an unlikely NBA rivalry developing in California.  And it doesn’t include the Lakers.  The Lakers are too busy battling the unrealistic expectations of their spoiled fans to immerse themselves in a full-fledged rivalry such as one with their neighbors down the hall at Staples Center. No, the developing rivalry is between the Clippers and the Warriors, which went to a new level Saturday night. [Read more…]


The Bernucca List – Edition 17


When we first came up with the idea of the Bernucca List – or, rather, stole it from the late, great Spy magazine – we thought it would be a fun and challenging exercise for NBA fans visiting Sheridan Hoops. We believed each weekly list would carry at least a portion of the day for our site. We expected our readers to eventually come up with the right answer. However, we did not expect them to offer the right answer within