Massive Twitter Reaction For Kentucky Final Four Victory

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Media pundits argue all of the time about which athletes contain the “clutch gene.”

Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Tom Brady, John Elway rank among the greats in the respective sports. Even players like Tim Tebow have garnered acclaim for playing big in the clutch moments.

Kentucky Wildcats guard Aaron Harrison has proven himself to be a major “clutch” player with ice in his veins.

For three games in-a-row heading into the NCAA National Championship game, he has hit the go-ahead three-point shot to win. Three straight game winners. THREE. How clutch is that?

After having hit last-second shots to advance from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 and again to the Final Four, Wildcats’ fans (and college basketball fans in general) were on the edge of their seats as the final seconds ticked off the clock as the game was the Wisconsin Badgers to lose—up 73-71. The ball made its way into Aaron Harrison’s hands, and the rest is history.

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Rookie Rankings, Week 18: An Otto Porter Sighting

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The best thing about top overall pick Anthony Bennett’s tremendously disappointing rookie season is that it OttoPorterhas provided cover for some tremendously disappointing seasons by other rookies.

Namely, Otto Porter.

Porter was taken third in the 2013 draft by the Washington Wizards and has been worse than Bennett. Much worse.

Bennett is averaging 4.2 points and 3.0 rebounds while shooting just 35 percent from the floor. Pedestrian numbers, for sure, and unacceptable for a top pick who is expected to contribute right away.

But Bennett looks like Wilt Chamberlain compared to Porter, who is averaging 1.7 points and 1.4 rebounds while shooting 30 percent. Through February, he had 37 points in 215 minutes.

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Bernucca: Fixing the Fans’ All-Star Mistakes

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Kyrie IrvingNBA fans do an awful job of protecting the image of their favorite sport.

This is not the NFL, which has been America’s pastime for a generation and can do no wrong in the eyes of its fans. The only time the NFL has an image problem is when a storm affects satellite reception.

This is also not baseball, which has a considerable image problem with its collection of prima donnas on PEDS. But it also has more than a century of tradition on its side.

NBA fans constantly have to argue the merits of their sport not only against other sports but against other versions of their sport. The international game is more fluid. The college game has more energy and emotion. The women’s game has more fundamentals.

So what do NBA fans do to cultivate and protect the image of their favorite sport? They ignore common sense and vote their darlings as All-Stars.

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PODCAST: Winless and Hapless, Jazz Now a Targeted Team

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goose eggIt is never a good thing to have a zero in your record at this point of the NBA season — unless, of course, that zero is in the loss column.

For the Utah Jazz, that goose egg is in the win column — and nobody wants to be the first team to lose to them.

So as tough as things have already been, they are about to get tougher for Tyrone Corbin’s young team.

That topic, and plenty more from around the league, discussed in this podcast with Gordon Monson and Spence Checketts of “the Big Show” on 1280AM in Salt Lake City.

SH Blog: Shaq and Barkley criticize Howard’s game, CP and Redick patch differences

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You know the regular season is upon us when the TNT crew starts sharing their thoughts on who is primed to succeed and what teams will be most relevant in the upcoming season. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Kerr and others had plenty to say about a number of topics with USA Today, and that’s where we’ll kick things off in today’s blog.

Story of the day:

Which team is good enough to take on the Heat this season? Barkley shared his thoughts on the matter with Sam Amick of USA Today:

Charles-Barkley1“There’s a very short list of teams that can actually win the championship. I think Brooklyn is interesting. You have to wonder how much Paul (Pierce) and Kevin (Garnett) have left in the tank. I think that’s going to be a great story line to watch. I think the Pacers — the Pacers are legit. The Pacers are flat out legit. I think you’ve got to figure out how well (Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell) Westbrook is going to come back to see what Oklahoma City has. But I think the big question marks — what we’re talking about — to me is going to go down to the Dwight (Howard) story, which is fascinating, but the big key to me is going to be the Blake Griffin/DeAndre Jordan (story line) and how they got better as players. (The Clippers have) all the other pieces, they just don’t have inside guys who can get their own shots and dominate. That’s all they’re missing.”

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Kerr is going with the Chicago Bulls as the favorites to overthrow the Heat. Here is his logic:

Steve_KerrKerr: ”It kind of feels like it’s all teed up for this to be (the Bulls’) year, with Derrick (Rose) coming back (from the ACL tear that kept him out all last season) and then they’ve got Luol Deng in the last year of his deal. (With) he and Jimmy Butler on the wings, you have two guys who can really guard. Guarding (Miami’s Dwyane) Wade and LeBron (James), you’ve got to have a couple of good defenders, and the Bulls definitely do. And they’ve just always given Miami trouble, just with their style of play.”

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