Bernucca: Like many adored stars, Wade gets a pass


When you’re an adored star in this league, you get a pass on a lot of things. And Dwyane Wade got a pass for an absolutely rockhead play in Miami’s inexplicable loss to Boston on Saturday. The Heat led by four with less than two seconds to play. On their home floor. Against the Celtics. And lost. In regulation. And most of it was on Wade, who (a) faltered in the clutch; (b) made his own strategic decision without any input from the


Tweet of the Day: Thoughts, Prayers Are With The Philippines

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Friday, a typical day for most of us. A day wrought with terror in the Philippines as super typhoon Haiyan made landfall. The NBA has numerous ties to the Philippines. Many players have travelled there on goodwill trips. The NBA hosted a preseason exhibition game between two of its top teams — the Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets — this October. Two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, who is the first Asian-American head coach among all four professional sports leagues


Sprung: LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra preach patience for Miami Heat


BROOKLYN – LeBron James doesn’t like losing. Not one bit. His Miami Heat just barely put up 60 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night in an 86-62 defeat at the Barclays Center. Was he mad? Nope, he was patient. “We’re just trying to get better and not waste an opportunity to get better,” James said. “We don’t have all our guys playing, but when guys were in the game, they played, worked hard.” Miami didn’t really work so hard rebounding the basketball


Five Things To Watch: Miami Heat

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As the back-to-back defending NBA champions, one could say that the Miami Heat stand in the best position of any team in the league. That’s probably true, but the 2013-14 campaign also stands as one of the most pivotal seasons in team history. Why? After this season, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will all have the option to test the free agent waters. Although Wade said he wants to stay in Miami, perhaps a disappointing season with an aging core could


Bauman: Five everlasting memories from 2013 NBA Finals


The 2012-13 NBA Finals were a sight to behold. Long. Epic. Utterly unpredictable from game to game, quarter to quarter. The door was seemingly slammed shut by San Antonio… yet somehow reopened and slammed shut by Miami. Here are five everlasting memories of the phenomenal basketball from one of the most inspirationally played championship series ever: 5. Game 6 and Game 7 won’t be forgotten / Spurs veteran trio not enough / Heat too hungry to contain: Game 6 won’t soon be forgotten. Neither will Game 7. Tim


StatBox NBA Finals Breakdown: Please stop comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan


With all the success LeBron James has had over the last several years, it’s only natural that he would be compared with the all-time greats, especially given the constant noise of the 24-hour news cycle. If LeBron James will ultimately go down as the greatest player who ever lived, that would mean (naturally) that he was better than Michael Jordan. After his performance over the last two games, especially in Tuesday’s 36-point defeat to San Antonio in Game 3 of the