Chris Bernucca’s Postseason Award Choices

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Image.AdamSilverTransparency is a two-way street.

For years, NBA media members – echoing the sentiments of its passionate fan base – wanted more transparency from Commissioner David Stern and his executive staff. Whether it was a lottery drawing, a suspension in the playoffs or a referee scandal, folks felt like they were entitled to an explanation. And they were.

Stern grudgingly came around. He arranged for the media to meet with referees prior to the season about rules changes. He allowed the media into the lottery drawing. He okayed press releases that admitted, Yes, we blew that call.

Since replacing Stern as commissioner less than three months ago, Adam Silver has taken the NBA’s transparency up a notch. He declared that there will be an open dialogue about officiating and is walking the walk by making internal memos available to the media.

But Silver is getting something back, too. At All-Star Weekend this year, the media presented the notion of transparency with regard to how its members vote on postseason awards, and the commissioner bought in. 

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Bernucca: Handing Out Our Midseason Awards


Martin Luther King Day is more than  a day of celebration and reflection for the NBA, which probably has done MLKmore positive things for race relations than any other sport in the Civil Rights Era.

It also has become the unofficial midway point of the season. By the completion of Monday’s action, more than half of the league’s 30 teams will have played half their games.

With that in mind, we present our midseason awards with this reminder from the bookie of hopeless degenerate James Caan in the grossly underrated 1974 film The Gambler: They don’t give out no prizes at halftime.

However, with our midseason awards, we do give out snarky remarks.

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Kenneth Faried questions unclear future of Denver Nuggets


The Denver Nuggets, possibly one of the most exciting teams to watch in the playoffs this year, are seemingly falling apart.

The Nuggets leadership is dissolving before our very eyes and clearly having its affect on Denver’s players, as can be seen from Thursday’s quote from Kenneth Faried.

Bernucca: The Envelope, Please

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Stern-trophy1The 1,230-game NBA regular season ends Wednesday. The following morning, editor-in-chief Chris Sheridan will submit his ballot for the season-ending awards.

I don’t have a vote but I am hoping to influence his thought process with my choices, which are below.

If not, I am hoping I will make him laugh with my snotty remarks.

Let’s get to it. 

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Bernucca: Handing out NBA midseason awards


A dozen teams have played at least half their schedule and another seven will join them today, when the most of the most significant holidays in this country’s history becomes the season’s unofficial midway point.

So Dr. Martin Luther King Day is as good a time as any to examine the current front-runners for the annual awards. Included are links to both our staff’s preseason picks and the current rankings.

And as always, we’ve included snide remarks if/when necessary.

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