Five Fast Facts for NBA games 2.12.13


It’s the 13th day of 2013. Anybody need a primer on Triskaidekaphobia? Not that we claim to be ahead of the curve here, but we did have Rudy Gay in the MVP rankings this past Sunday. And he made us look smart last night with a buzzer-beater against the Raptors for Toronto’s third straight W. Given the age of many members of our staff, we have a soft spot for dinosaurs — and will not be unhappy if the Raptors climb


Five Fast Facts From NBA Games: 2.8.13

LeBron James headshot

If you didn’t spend all night watching every NBA game (technically impossible, unless you have a heck of a DVR and do not require sleep), you can get caught up in less than a minute with SheridanHoops’daily feature, Five Fast Facts. It was another Friday night packed with NBA action. Milestones were set, records were broken and LeBron somehow became more impressive. He is still the front-runner for the leagues Most Extraterrestrial Player.  [Read more…]