Tweet of the Night: Paul George Answers Fans

Paul george

Everyone on the internet loves A.M.A.s (“Ask Me Anything” question-and-answer sessions). Who doesn’t want to get to know more about their favorite celebrities? Indiana Pacers All-Star forward Paul George took to Twitter to engage his fans Friday night. He opted to take 10 questions, most of which help to paint the picture of what he likes. From his favorite NBA players while growing up to his current celebrity crush, the subjects were pretty broad.


SH Blog: Vogel staying with Pacers; Stephenson might not

Lance Stephenson

After last night’s debacle, the Pacers’ season is mercifully put to rest. What started out with them looking like the first serious contenders to the Heat’s throne atop the East in years turned dramatically south and ended with an All-Star center looking like he’d never played basketball before, a budding superstar getting lost in the shuffle, and Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear. The message was obvious: the Pacers didn’t think they could hang with Miami. Now it’s time for the


Sprung: Why can’t the Pacers beat the Heat?


We waited all season for an Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Yet when the time came for the two talented teams to finally meet in late May, only Miami showed up.Indiana finds itself down three games to one, and more blame is being passed around than a Benghazi hearing on Capitol Hill. A lot of that blame is being placed on the referees, an easy target since Miami took twice as many free throws


Photo of the Day- Is Frank Vogel coaching for his job?

You’ve heard the whispers. The Indiana Pacers, slumping since March and on the verge of being ousted by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals for the second straight year, could let go of head coach Frank Vogel with another loss. Vogel and the Pacer players have been blaming the referees, and we discussed on the Three-Man Weave whether Vogel should be fired. One Instagram user took it a step further, with Pacers president Larry Bird handing Vogel his stuff. Enjoy.


From Feverish To Faint: The Atlanta Hawks Home Playoff Experience

On Thursday night, Philips Arena opened its doors for the Atlanta Hawks first home playoff game of the 2014 NBA postseason. After having stolen home court advantage, the air in Atlanta was heavy, of course it was humid—welcome to Georgia, but it was heavy with hope and expectation. All week long, ever since the Hawks 101-93 Game 1 road victory in Indiana on Saturday, the talk among locals has been upset. Not just a game; the series. The team’s confidence only served to


Tweet of the Day: Pacers Performance Spawns Funny Memes, Startling Numbers

The Indiana Pacers, now down 2-1 in their series with the Atlanta Hawks after a 98-85 loss in Game 3 in Atlanta Thursday night, have been the talk of the postseason. Even amidst their late-season swoon, many experts had them pegged to dispatch their first round opponent, especially considering that the Hawks finished the year below .500 with a 38-44 record. The talk, however, hasn’t been flattering, or quite constructive. Their statistical numbers haven’t been very staggering either, at least not in