SH Blog: Inside the Knicks’ clubhouse turmoil; Kidd re-assigns top assistant Frank

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Carmelo_AnthonyThe Knicks are dominating the headlines like few 14th-place teams could.

Evening News: Shaq buys piece of Kings; NBA and union far apart on HGH testing; Arenas chooses family over NBA

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In today’s news, Shaquille O’Neal has purchased a stake in the Kings’ new ownership group, the NBA and player’s union remain far apart in discussions for HGH testing reform, and Gilbert Arenas will head back to China rather than audition for the Clippers in training camp. 

SH Blog: How Important Are Kobe’s Offseason Workouts? Andrew Bynum Could Miss Training Camp; Gilbert Arenas Could Workout For Clippers


kobeinjuryThe separation between talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel.

In life and in sports.

Either way, talent is natural. You either have it or you don’t.

Skill is different. Skill can only be developed by hours and hours of working on your craft.

Hours. And hours. And hours.

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Evening News: Kobe expected to miss preseason; Clips may invite Arenas to camp; T-Mac to the NFL?

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It was quite the day for NBA superstars from the mid-2000s. Making headlines, the Lakers updated the public on Kobe Bryant’s rehab, the Clippers consider taking a flyer on Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady takes to Twitter to campaign for a workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kobe still expected to miss preseason

Mike Breshanan of the Los Angeles Times reports Kobe Bryant continues to excel in his rehab assignments. Regardless, the 15-time all star is still expected to miss the entire preseason and possibly more.

Kobe Bryant

“He’s progressing well and has met all the targets and milestones of his rehab, and we expect him to make a full recovery,” Lakers spokesman John Black said on Monday. “One of the key issues is to make sure he builds up strength and endurance not only in his Achilles but also in his legs, knees, back and core.”

With just over a month left until the start of the regular season, the Lakers sound pessimistic about Bryant’s chances of playing in the preseason.

“We’re going to avoid giving a target return date until he’s doing full weight-bearing running and on-court basketball activities, at the earliest,” Black said.

When the Lakers open up training camp in 11 days, Bryant will be forced to watch his teammates from the sideline.

Speaking of training camp…

Gilbert Arenas may receive invitation from Clippers Gilbert Arenas-Shanghai

Gilbert Arenas, who spent last season playing with the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association, is reportedly looking for another crack at the NBA.

HOOPSWORLD’s Alex Kennedy reports that the Los Angeles Clippers are considering taking a flyer on the three-time all star:

Arenas last played in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies in the spring of 2012. He averaged 4.2 points in 12.4 minutes per game in a reserve role.


At only 31 years old, Arenas could potentially provide some scoring and experience off the bench for Los Angeles. He starred in Washington with Antawn Jamison from 2004-2010.

T-Mac campaigns for workout with NFL’s Jaguars 220px-TracyMcGrady

As Gilbert Arenas tries to find a job for him in the NBA, fellow former All-Star Tracy McGrady will be campaigning for a workout with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

McGrady formally announced his retirement from the NBA in August. Still, McGrady has not closed the door on a potential opportunity to compete outside of the NBA. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to put his name out there for the NFL:

The Jaguars, at 0-2, are widely considered to be the worst team in the NFL. Regardless, Jacksonville’s reluctance to sign local celebrity Tim Tebow indicates that McGrady’s chances of landing a workout are next to impossible. .

Tweet of the Day: Stephon Marbury vs. the media

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Stephon Marbury clearly had some thoughts to let out, and he did just that with a pair of tweets directed at media members who were seemingly critical of the former NBA player.

Marbury’s first response to media came after Frank Isola of the New York Daily News tweeted the following.

The tweet was over five months ago but clearly Marbury recently took offense to Isola bringing up the old news. Isola is referring to incidents that occurred when Marbury was a member of the Knicks. In both cases, the Knicks star player got into heated exchanges with teammates that nearly led to altercations.

Quentin Richardson and Stephon Marbury forcefully looking in opposite directions during a Knicks game.

Quentin Richardson and Stephon Marbury forcefully looking in opposite directions.

On a lighter note, Marbury’s second reply to media was much less disturbing.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld quoted Tracy McGrady saying that he’s been able to handle aging better than Gilbert Arenas and Marbury. It’s clear Marbury has been digging up tweets, as Kennedy’s is dated June 7.

By this point, he’s clearly cooled down.

His reply is priceless.

The quote may not be that out of line, McGrady was the only one out of the trio to play in the league last season. Marbury spent last year in the Chinese Basketball Association with the Beijing Ducks, meanwhile, Arenas played with the Shanghai Sharks, also in the CBA.

Maybe this is the last we’ll hear from the former All-Star, or maybe Marbury stepping up his Twitter game is just the beginning of an NBA comeback. Who knows?



Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.