Tweet of the Night: Spencer Dinwiddie reacts to former teammate Greg Monroe getting posterized by DeAndre Jordan


DeAndre Jordan’s one and only weapon on offense is dunking the ball, and he does it better than just about anyone else his size with his freakish athleticism. Knowing this, players around the league rarely look to defend him when he is airborne. Why? They don’t want any part of getting posterized by the big man, especially after seeing what happened to Brandon Knight some years ago. Enter Wednesday night, when Greg Monroe instinctively decided to position himself to take a charge


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DeMarcus Cousins

Centers are considered a dying breed in today’s NBA. More teams are playing small ball than ever before with a focus on pushing the tempo and improving floor spacing. Heck, the league even removed the center position from the All-Star ballot in 2012. However, as you will see by the depth in our center rankings and the names not on the list, the demise of the position is a premature misconception. You won’t find two former All-Stars and Defensive Player of the