Tweet of the Day: LeBron James Acknowledges Wakeup Call

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Not for the faint of heart among two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat fans, Wednesday night—after a two-day trip that included a stop by the White House—the “Heatles” fell to the Washington Wizards in disastrous fashion. The loss was their third straight.

Many have insinuated that the Heat have been coasting through the early part of the season. Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Wizards, reigning MVP LeBron James addressed the coasting talk, “We’ll see Wednesday how I’m coasting. You’ll see the numbers I’ll put up on Wednesday. Just watch.”

Famous last words? Pride before the fall? Pick your cliched idiom.

The Heat fell behind 43-18 in the first quarter alone, giving up a lead as high as 34 before attempting to flip their proverbial switch. They drew within nine before finally falling 97-114.

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Greivis VasquezEarlier tonight, I managed to catch a good deal of the Warriors-Kings game. It was a tough one to pick a rooting interest in: the Warriors have been “my team” since my family left Toronto in 1999 (for Baltimore, and I’m not going to root for a team from DC), but Greivis Vasquez is my favorite basketball player by a pretty wide distance, and I’ve grown accustomed to always rooting for Greivis’ team. Also, their new coach has a great last name.

I settled on “Greivis has a great game, but the Warriors win,” which turned out to be half right. Greivis got just 14 minutes and scored six points with three assists on 2-8 shooting, but the Warriors picked up a win behind 36 from Steph Curry.

Tweet of the Night: LeBron James proud of Greg Oden for making successful return to the NBA


gregodenNearly four years ago, Greg Oden crumpled to the floor on a non-contact play in the Rose Garden. The once-promising center never saw action again in an NBA game, but made his triumphant return from the devastating knee injury that nearly ended his career on Wednesday against the New Orleans Hornets.

His time on the floor was limited to just four minutes. During those minutes, he collected two rebounds, two turnovers, two missed free throws and one emphatic basket to show that in time, he may prove to be a vital piece if the Miami Heat want to win another championship this season:

Albeit very brief, it was a remarkable and inspirational moment for his career. His teammate and apparent doppelganger LeBron James was especially proud of what he witnessed from Oden:

“Determination wins” rings especially true for Oden, whose career many assumed was long over. If he can eventually provide the Heat with 15-20 minutes come playoff time, he will be the one piece that the Big Three have never had a chance to work with since coming together – a legitimate center who can make a difference at both ends of the floor. But whether you like the Heat or not, this is one guy everyone should pull for and hope that he can stay healthy moving forward because the league will be better with him in it.

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At this point, the novelty of preseason games have worn off, at least for me. It’s time to focus on the upcoming season. Which starts in 10 days, in case you forgot.

With that in mind, Tommy Dee looked at who’s doing well in the preseason for Sheridan Hoops. A lot of 2012 draft picks, and a few big men who could mean a lot for their teams. Speaking of which, does anyone think the Pistons will do well this season? I keep seeing people suggest that it’s a majority opinion that they will improve, but it seems like that’s just a consensus “well, they have Josh Smith now…”.

I don’t know how much people have actually thought about the Pistons. To be fair, the last few playoff teams in the East are basically irrelevant. They could be the Cavs, Wizards and Pistons, all of whom have seemingly been awful forever, and nobody (apart from those teams’ fans, obviously) would really care because they’d probably get squashed by the Heat, Pacers and whichever of the Nets, Bulls and Knicks ends up finishing third.

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Sprung: LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra preach patience for Miami Heat

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BROOKLYN – LeBron James doesn’t like losing. Not one bit. His Miami Heat just barely put up 60 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night in an 86-62 defeat at the Barclays Center. Was he mad? Nope, he was patient.

Untitled 0 00 11-13“We’re just trying to get better and not waste an opportunity to get better,” James said. “We don’t have all our guys playing, but when guys were in the game, they played, worked hard.”

Miami didn’t really work so hard rebounding the basketball – or scoring it, either, for that matter. The Heat were outrebounded on Thursday by a 53-31 margin, and head coach Erik Spoelstra admitted after the game that it was a concern. But with his shirt collar open and his gray suit jacket unbuttoned, Spoelstra didn’t seem worried in the slightest.